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herbman 09-15-2005 7:54 PM

Hey there, <BR> <BR>What is the best wakeboarding instructional video out there? (Mainly for Beginner-Intermediate)

09-15-2005 7:58 PM

There have been tons of threads on this topic. You should be able to find lots of info if you run a search. Personally, I would go with "detention" or "the book".

natxbrotha 09-15-2005 8:07 PM

i have found that the book is extremely detailed and explains alot of different things every other instructional does not... thats my observations.

lsv_doc 09-15-2005 8:08 PM

I have seen both detention and higher education, detention is much more entertaining. Both are the same for content.

walt 09-15-2005 8:39 PM

IMHO the Book kicks ass and Detention sucked. <BR> <BR>The Book brakes down the tricks better and goes into better detail. <BR> <BR>

dudeman 09-16-2005 6:20 AM

Definitely "The Book".

janzy 09-16-2005 10:43 AM

I watched detention, higher education and waketrixs many times, and saw parts of the book. I would say the book is the best one, then higher education, a little bit lower is waketrix. Detention basically sucks. The book is definetely the most detailled of them.

jhair 09-16-2005 8:08 PM

Ditto Jan. The Book is several notches above the rest.

thrashmetash 09-16-2005 9:07 PM

I can't believe you guys are bagg'n on Detention. It is a classic! It was the best instructional out there for a long time and it is totally entertaining as well.

centralcali 09-16-2005 9:17 PM

I have to agree with Howard...Detention is a total classic. That video has been out for a long time and was the best thing going in its day. But, it obviously doesn't compare to The Book. I've had Detention, Higher Education and the Book. The book is by far the best. I really like the trampoline training on the book. <BR> <BR>Detention is kind of like 12 Honkeys to me. Not that either of them are the highest quality, but they are both fun to watch. 12 Honkeys still has to be one of my favorite videos.

chas 09-16-2005 9:19 PM

Trevor, <BR> <BR>Go to bed, you have an early day tomorrow <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/lol.gif" border=0> let me know if you can make it. 8am

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