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utter_twat 09-15-2005 1:16 PM

Your views?....

malibuboarder75 09-16-2005 7:40 AM

it weighs too much

lunaraven 09-16-2005 9:24 AM

I like it. I have only tried a 3 other wakeskates but I liked the catalyst the best. Doesnt weigh as much as some of the wood skates I tried.

shavis 09-16-2005 3:27 PM

what year because the 05, they made it heavier

centralcali 09-16-2005 8:38 PM

I'm not a real big wakeskater, so maybe my opinion doesn't mean that much...but I like it. To me it is stable, but still very loose. I'm not good enough to do kick flips or shove its, so I don't know it is "heavy" for that. One thing I had to do to mine was plug the holes for the 'Byerly lock' so it would quit giving me an enima.

jamie_lamar 09-17-2005 8:15 AM

I started on an '03 116 Grubb and found it too big for me (5'5" 164lbs) and it was way too light. I know the newer ones ae heavier, but I went to the 107 Byerly and have more board control now and land tricks more often.

zleartsu 09-17-2005 7:46 PM

I am demoing the 06 right now and I really like it! I haven't rode the 05, but I have rode the 05 byerly and I like the 06 catylist lot better.

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