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goldie 09-15-2005 11:23 AM

HI! <BR> <BR> I am relatively new to wakeboarding and was seeking an instructor for next season. Preferably in the ottawa/toronto/kingston (ontario) region of Canada..... <BR> <BR>Post here if you are interested or know where I can find one and I will send you my contact info from there....

greenthumb 09-15-2005 1:28 PM

Emily, <BR> <BR>My brother dabbles in that stuff. We dock our boat at a Wakeboard school in Wasaga Beach and he offers his services part time. He is actually tarvelling this weekend to teach an entire family with thier new purchase of a Mastercraft. He lives in Wasaga Beach also, I live in Toronto and travel up there every weekend to ride and help out. If you want you can reach him by email at <a href="mailto:ocallaghanm@hotmail.com">ocallaghanm@ hotmail.com</a> or me at <a href="mailto:irishguy@hotmail.com">irishguy@hotmai l.com</a> and I can mention it to him this weekend. <BR> <BR>If he can't do it he knows lots of people who can. <BR>Cheers, <BR>Dan

greenpinky 09-16-2005 5:59 AM

Emily, you've got mail.

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