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shiftywakeskate 09-13-2005 9:05 PM

i have to decide what im going to make in my metal class at school this year. a lot of people are making mini bikes and choppers but i want to do something different. ive already made some board racks for the garage. what are some cool ideas of wakeboard/boat stuff? please help

twitch 09-13-2005 9:23 PM

a tower?

ss1234 09-14-2005 9:32 AM

Light bar, universal "bling" mounting brackets for towers, prop puller, wake surf board rack for tower, wedge, "air chair" (had a fried that made a nice one) - aluminum for the foil, but you have to glass the ski / seat part.

timmy 09-14-2005 9:35 AM

you could make one of those powered dollys to move the boat trailer around the garage/driveway. <BR> <BR>or maybe a gas powered radio flyer would be cool too. of course that is not wakeboard related

wakescene 09-14-2005 10:27 AM

- Board Racks <BR>- An all Aluminum Swim Platform would be cool, or even and Aluminum Platform build like a Teak would be cool. Create a pattern in it for traction, etc <BR>- Flag Bracket off the tower <BR>

peter_c 09-14-2005 10:28 AM

How about building one of these so you can get an adrenaline rush when NOT wakeboarding. <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/254212.jpg" alt="">

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