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meikster2810 09-10-2005 6:44 AM

Anyone know of anyone who can give me tow in november while in orlando have all own gear and throw in gas costs,can ride. <BR>cheers <BR>craig

jhoward 09-10-2005 9:53 AM

Bring a XXL all blacks jersey to tampa and I'll give you a ride.

meikster2810 09-11-2005 2:33 AM

Haha no problem there,how far to tampa from orlando?what sort of boat do you have? <BR>cheers <BR>craig

olddude 09-12-2005 5:32 AM

Hi Craig, I live 1 hour from Orlando International Airport and we ski on a private man made lakes, your welcome to come over and ride with us, we have an 03 TE loaded.

meikster2810 09-12-2005 11:39 PM

Craig i appreciate that,i am filling in time before i head to darin shapiros camp for a few weeks.I arrive on the 8th nov and would like to hang out until the 13th.Is there a hotel close to you guys and the lake you can recommend. <BR>How often are you out riding? <BR>Really stoked mate.And of course if you are ever over in japan the favour will be returned. <BR>cheers <BR>craig <BR>do you have a contact?

olddude 09-13-2005 6:52 AM

Craig, We'd be available to ride on the 11th, 12th and 13th. I'll send you contact info via email. I have J-Rod and his friends flying in that same weekend from California. I actually live in Palm Bay Florida, we have several hotels in the area. If you need contact info, email me and I'll look it up in the yellow pages.

jhoward 09-14-2005 5:16 PM

About 2 hours west of Orlando and a 02 mastercraft X-9.

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