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mgg 09-08-2005 10:12 AM

Hello I have never tried to wake surf but it looks like a nice break from wakeboarding. I just bought a Landlock. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how set up my boat without adding more than stock ballast. Should I put the wedge down? I am also on the heavy side(260#) so is it even possible for me to stay up? I know when I am wakeboarding that we have to keep the speed up for me so I do not sink. I will be going out to try it tomorrow so any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike

badknees 09-10-2005 8:23 PM

Don't fill opposite side your surfing on, load all other ballast, check out wake. If need's a little work dump a little bow ballast. Speed will be around 9.5-11. Have fun

niap101 09-10-2005 8:52 PM

Check out <a href="http://www.HowToWakeSurf.com" target="_blank">www.HowToWakeSurf.com</a>

mgg 09-13-2005 9:28 PM

Well we gave it a go last friday and I am going out tomorrow. I still can't figure if the wedge is hurting or helping. I guess we will just keep trying it out. getting up was super easy. there was no way that I could let go the rope.jsut could pick up the wave. Still a blast though. Mike

clubjoe 09-17-2005 8:15 AM

BUZZ, where are you?!? He has a great setup for surfing (05 VLX)....his best rollers were without the wedge...

mgg 09-17-2005 8:12 PM

Well if Buzz is out there I would love to here from him.

buzz_grande 09-19-2005 9:34 PM

Mike, <BR> <BR>I guess I have been getting a bit closer to having a pretty good wake, but I have not tried it with stock ballast only. Here is what I suggest: <BR> <BR>Like Chris said, empty rear tank opposite of the side you are riding on. You might try letting some out of the bow also, and see what difference it makes. It seems to me that the more the boat is weighted in the rear, the steeper the wake, but also the shorter the sweet spot. I usually use the wedge, but the other day we put it up, and it seemed to make a good difference (if that makes sense). <BR> <BR>Another thing you can try is while driving, make a slight turn on the side the rider is on. I have heard this and usually try as long as other boats are not around. Funny though - the other day I turned the opposite (rider on the outside of the turn) and it was making a really nice wake. <BR> <BR>Get all your friends on the back corner, as much as you can. <BR> <BR>Man, wakeboarding is SO much easier to get a good wake and speed dialed in. The surfing is much more difficult, and takes a whole lot more trial and error to find what works best. Ballast, speed, type of board, rider skills, etc. <BR> <BR>As far as riding w/o the handle, I have heard many persons who can do it on a stock wake. I find that a lot of riders just are not putting enough weight on their front leg. If you just lean a bit more weight on your front leg, AND you are pretty much on the good part of the wake, you will take the slack out of the line and speed up. Also squat down. Bend those knees and get your center of gravity down. <BR> <BR>Don't know what else to tell you. Oh yea. One more thing: Get a bunch of fat friends, provide free cheeseburgers and beer, and you have some voice-activated ballast. Should make a HUGE difference. <BR> <BR>Just have fun with it.

mgg 09-20-2005 7:12 AM

Thanks Buzz. I will keep working on it. Do you add ballast in the rear locker? I know you are not supoessed to put tp much weight in there. If all my friends were as fat as me I'd be set. I am gonna have to try fattening them up. We usually try to go out on the week days so we only can usually get 3 to 4 people do to that work thing. Do you run the extra ballast when wakeboarding? The wake is so big already I could not face it with any more to it. Mike

buzz_grande 09-20-2005 9:10 PM

Mike, <BR> <BR>Yes I do. It does not get "too big", but like I said, it is always an experiment to get it dialed in. <BR> <BR>I have 2 - 400 lb fat sacks. I put one in the rear locker, fill it probably about 3/4 of the way. Then I put the other one right on top of it, and fill it but leave room to close the hatch. I have some lead bags I throw under the rear corner seat (usually 5-6 bags), and I put a couple in the walk-through. <BR> <BR>I know the weight limit tag says 75 lbs. I have stood on the floor, and while it is not as solid as the main floor, it is pretty solid. I can't get it to move much, and if you think about it, my weight on a small footprint on the floor is more direct weight than a sack that spreads it over a large area. It is really much sturdier than you would expect. I spoke to a service guy, and he said your main concern is if the tank gets compressed too much, it could break the sender unit for the tank level guage. Mine still work fine, so I guess that is not a big problem. I don't use the guages anyway.

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