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jayp 09-07-2005 11:49 PM

So about a mile away from the dock the motor starts to cut out. 2003 X-2 with MCX and 150 hours. Check fuel and have about a quarter tank. The fuel pump was already replaced once. At the dock, drop off driver. Boat dies. Will start and run for a few seconds then die. Get out oars and rope. Pull boat in by hand. <BR> <BR>Fortunately we were at the dock. <BR> <BR>We were down a little below a quarter tank of gas and were heading in. I thought I saw a post about this before but can't find it because I am an idiot. Fortunately the boat is scheduled to go into the shop for some warranty work in less than a week. This will be addressed at that time as well. <BR> <BR>The initial symptoms were that of fuel starvation or water in the fuel. After the complete failure of the engine to run, fuel starvation seems to be the most likely culprit and another fuel pump issue is suspected. <BR> <BR>Anyone else out there with any insight?

ripr 09-08-2005 5:57 AM

Fuel filter or Fuel pump. Try the easy thing first, change out the fuel filter...It should be like $12 from Auto Zone. <BR> <BR>Good luck!

ktm250 09-08-2005 7:42 AM

The fuel filter is located on the foot of the fuel pump (in the tank) and is most likley the culprit here. The filter only filters the fuel below 1/2 tank so that is why you had no issue when the fuel load was above it.

elleduke 09-08-2005 7:58 AM

I had this happen to me in my 04' X2, left the dock with just above a quarter tank, rode for 15 minutes, then nothing. Got a tow back to the dock and put 32 gallons in a 33 gallon tank. I think it may have something to do where the fuel pick up is located in the tank or where the sensor is for the guage.

jayp 09-23-2005 12:19 AM

FYI <BR> <BR>The fuel pump was replaced under warranty. <BR> <BR>

midwest_militia 09-26-2005 9:54 AM

I have the same problem with my '05 X2, seems like somewhere between 1/4 and 1/2 of a tank left and it just starts dying at idle speeds. I thought I was getting bad gas or my guage was just way off, I am going to have them replace the filter and pump and see if this fixes my problem. Thanks for the info!

atlsackedup 09-26-2005 1:07 PM

Having somewhat similar problems with my MC. I have a 2000 MC X-5 with 470hrs on it. Bought it back in January with 400hrs on it. Everything has been fine up until a couple of weeks ago. Boat is starting to progressively idle rougher and rougher each time out. When sitting in neutral changing out riders, the engine fluctates up and down probably 250-300 rpms (tach moves back and forth) and when in gear coming back to pick up riders, I can notice it too. Also feels like there is a little bit loss of power and at slow speeds can hear a slight metallic pinging noise and an unusual rumble. Feels kind of similar to when you have fouled up spark plugs in your car and you notice loss of power on hills and it seems to surge when the engine is under load. <BR> <BR>Any ideas on what this could be? Possibilities I think could be fuel filter or fuel pump, but I'm not sure. Also might need new spark plugs and/or a tuneup. Thanks. <BR>

will5150 10-01-2005 8:06 AM

Andrew- Your issue sounds like an injector problem- most likely a good fuel injector cleaner would help. I had a problem with my boat where it would be running fine, then die and be very hard to restart- after replacing the fuel filter, coil, distributor cap and rotor and ifnition relay, I found out there was a loose wire on the alternator that goes to the coil and was shutting off the ignition. I tightened it up and all is well. I guess if you're having issues with starting or the engine dieing, I would check the entire electrical system- and try not to buy as many parts as I did!

atlsackedup 10-03-2005 8:07 AM

Will-Good information, thanks for posting. I think I'm going to try some injector cleaner and see if that does the trick. If not, I'll start looking into the electrical system. Thanks again!

cbaird 10-03-2005 9:27 AM

your out of gas dude. <BR> <BR>When the boat guage reads 1/4 to 1/2 it means your about on fumes. I've run out of gas twice on the thing when it is at 1/4 ('05 MCX X2). I had the dealer check the fuel guage and they calibrated and said it was pretty close to right on. I usually now pull the cap and physically look at the tank.

pav 10-03-2005 12:32 PM

Chris is right. You are out of gas. <BR> <BR>Just happened to me 2 weeks ago, guage shows about 1/4 tank &amp; runs out. I get home, and put in just over 44 gallons in a 45 gallon tank on my 01 X-10. About 25-30 gallons into the filling up, the guage was already showing full and took another 14 gallons or so. <BR> <BR>45 divided by 1/4 is 11.25 gallons. I would say at a 1/4 tank you might have 1 gallon left. <BR> <BR>My "Twin" as I call it (same exact boat on the same lake I live on) has run out twice this year. Seems to be a common problem with MC <BR> <BR>Good luck

jamescoop 11-07-2005 5:59 PM

Ill tell you towboat owners what. Ill trade you, straight up, for my 94 20' I/O. Never runs out of gas, gauge is completely accurate. Then you wont have that problem, and i will jsut have to deal with it on this end, but will have some nice graphics on the side. O, and ill even throw in a tower and some new racks;)

djhuff 11-08-2005 5:29 AM

Same thing happened to me a few weekends ago. Boat (03 X30) was running fine, then I cut it off, would start and immediately die. Few more tries and it wouldn't even start. Is the fuel pump, even if it is still making noise, it is probably shot. <BR> <BR>These pumps do NOT like to be run dry. Did it to mine over the 4th of July this year and knew it was a ticking time bomb. <BR> <BR>Another fact, the rated capacity of the tanks assumes no air bubbles in the tank. Some of these tanks cannot be filled up all the way due to the way they are situated in the boat. If you put 40 gallons in a 45 gallon tank, you very well could be bone dry. <BR> <BR>Good rule of thumb I have started using is to keep the tank full. I fill up each time I go to the lake, an extra bonus to this is more weight.

ronnyboy27 11-08-2005 10:22 AM

I have a 04 x-2 same problem

jayp 11-08-2005 9:00 PM

Haven't had a problem since replacing the fuel pump. I just hope the replacement wasn't the same. I don't want the problem to happen again. I hope Mastercraft has fixed this issue for 2006. It is a shame to spoil such a fine boat with an easily corrected issue. <BR> <BR>Other than the fuel pump issue I have absolutely no complaints about the X-2. And I have not heard any complaints from anyone that has ridden behind it. Nothing but praise. Gotta love the X-2 wake.

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