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09-04-2005 10:19 AM

hey i can do backrolls and tantrums what the next invert i should try

proho 09-04-2005 12:00 PM

frontrolls. 360s.

livigno 09-04-2005 1:31 PM

A 360 is a spin, not an invert. Mike, I'd suggest HS Roll to Revert. If you have your Back Rolls and your HS 180s dialed, this is the one that will probably come the easiest. I am at the same stage (can do Tantrums, just learned clean HS Back Rolls). I will definitely try HS Roll to Reverts next.

proho 09-04-2005 5:12 PM

" A 360 is a spin, not an invert." <BR>nnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo. REAly? <BR>I just thought he may want to become a well rounded rider rather than having 5 hs inverts and nothing toeside and no spins.

liquidmx 09-04-2005 5:40 PM

I agree proho, well rounded is a much better rider. <BR> <BR>Try to link your tricks mike, its the most fun I have behind our boat. Try hs and ts 3's, make sure you have all your 180s down, maybe ts backs and ts fronts. <BR> <BR>I think most people will admit that when a boat goes by and the rider hits 4 or 5 tricks in a row it looks a lot better than a hs only rider. <BR>

09-04-2005 9:54 PM

def. i have a bunch of inverts and a hs 360, but when you see me doing hs invert/ts invert and then the other guy doing hs invert/ts spin/ hs spin/ ts invert it looks alot better, im workin on gettin some spins down too cause especially if you compete, the dude with 2 inverts and 3 spins is gonna beat the guy with 5 inverts and no spins, reason is because everyone goes out there and learns a tantrum/hs backroll and a scarecrow, but forget spins, so coming across someone with lots of spins AND inverts is rare and looks nice when you find one

pittsy 09-21-2005 7:49 PM

either a TS backroll..or a scarecrow...then a frontroll, roll to revert...

livigno 09-22-2005 11:45 AM

Well, I agree with all the above said. I just think, a Roll to Revert is a pretty cool trick and probably not too hard to learn if you already have your HS Back Rolls down. Please, allmighty proho, forgive me for not having noticed that Wines has already two inverts on the HS. OF COURSE one should try to become a balanced rider with both HS and TS inverts AND spins. It's also important in my opinion (y'all will agree) to learn your tricks clean and big. BTW just relax and have fun. I will tomorrow morning behind my boat. Peace out

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