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tcaton 09-02-2005 7:42 PM

Been looking for a good photo printer. Anybody use the Sony printers. Or can you reconebd something else.

09-02-2005 7:46 PM

i have a canon color ink jet printer, and it can also print 4x6's or whatever... it makes pretty nice photo quality prints... especially for smaller sizes. for anything above 4x6 i put it on CD and take it up to walgreens or somewhere since it only costs 46cents a print.

isler 09-02-2005 7:48 PM

Tom, <BR> <BR>Depends what you want to spend, and how big prints you want to make. Are you looking for something portable and battery powered, or something for your home? Also, are you looking for something that can be used for printing text documents as well, or just photos? You can spend anywhere from $100 to several thousand bucks... <BR> <BR>Mike

tcaton 09-02-2005 11:53 PM

Looking for something for 4x6 prints and a printer for just photos thats why I was looking at the sony printers. Just wondering if there is something else you would use.

lizrd 09-03-2005 5:10 PM

I have a sony printer which is great for speed and 4x6 -- I don't think it will work with other than sony media cards so that is one limitation. The other beef I have with it is that the paper and the ink come in pre-packaged sets so when the paper is out you "have to" change the ink spool as well. I have not tried using the spool with additional paper. The other thing it does is feeds the paper through about four times, layering the colors on. As far as print quality goes they are fine for sharing but I don't think they are archival or necessarily frame-worthy. The colors are very rich though and the pixilation is not noticeable. <BR> <BR>I have an EPSON that I got free with my Canon Rebel xt -- the EPSON is nice b/c you can use any paper you want (of varying quality) and the ink is chambered by 6 colors so when red goes out you don't have to replace the blue also. Speed is good and the quality is pleasing. I am able to use any size paper with it since it is really like an inkjet paper printer. It came with a sweet adapter that you can put printable CDs into and it prints right on the surface of the disc.The downside is that if the inkjets are not clean then the photos come out with significant "streaking" of white space. The cleaning process is simple - you just feed blank white paper through several times. <BR> <BR>Both have their pluses - for honest photography I prefer the EPSON but for quick prints in 4x6 the sony is certainly decent. The sony is a fifth the size and is great for plugging the camera straight into without interfacing with a computer -- it is self standing.

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