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the_regulator 08-27-2005 8:28 PM

hey folks, i do a fair amount of video editing, thats not what i'm having trouble with. but i need a little info on some video quality. <BR> i read that regular analog camcorders record at a quality of 320x240. so am i right in assuming that if i transfer to an AVI file at 320x240 with no compression i wont lose quality and wont gain anything by transfering at 640x480? <BR> Also any tips on which codecs and parimeters are best for quality/file size would be nice. <BR> and on a side note should a MPEG-2 file be able to be read by a dvd player if its on a cd-r? thanks for the help

richd 08-28-2005 9:46 PM

All analog camcorders record at 720X486 which is the pixel dimension for standard definition NTSC video. If you have a PAL unit the dimensions are slightly different. Mpeg2 is the standard compression format for the video portion of a DVD file but is not readable by a standard DVD player no matter what medium it's recorded onto. If you're referring to some of those weird compressed formats recorded by P&amp;S cameras then it might well be 320X240 which is considered a 1/4 size format.

cali_rider 08-29-2005 12:31 PM

just another note, you can never gain quality by transfering on to a higher quality format, it just stays the same.

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