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steve142 08-27-2005 10:01 AM

I need help on my indy tantrum. i keep chasing the grab, but i get so close! i have only gotten a good grab on it once, and when i did this, i under rotated and landed on my face. any help would be great.

08-27-2005 11:41 AM

if you can do a normal tuck style tantrum, adding the grab shouldnt be to far away. the problem i see with this trick usually is throwing back your head/body instead of popping straight up off the wake. <BR> <BR>so think of it like this, whenever you square off to the wake, dont lay out, pop straight up, suck your knees up and grab the board. sucking your knees up will initiate the flip, so once you grab you can look back. <BR> <BR>theres also an indy tantrum how to in the wakeworld tricks section on the main page. check it out.

steve142 08-27-2005 1:43 PM

ok cool. thanks

thane_dogg 08-28-2005 5:50 PM

Cody has it right. Think of it as your feet going up first and making your knees bend, reach down for the grab, get the grab, and then, and only then throw your head and shoulders back.

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