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the_skeptic 08-25-2005 2:17 AM

Any one out there have an XLV and how are you weighting it?? It seems like I get a good wave but I have yet to toss the rope, any tricks that can help?? I've been weighting down the side I'm riding on, nothing in the front, and if more people are in the boat, I'll have them moved to that side. Wakeplate either in the middle or all the way up too! <BR> <BR>I also have the boat turning in the direction of the side the rider is on??? (Using CWB surf board, 6'3" @ 225lbs, 9 to 10 mph}) <BR> <BR>Help! Thx!

jamie_lamar 08-25-2005 9:05 AM

David-Do you have the Gravity I ballast system or the III??? <BR> <BR>We run the III filled up and then some, and put the wakeplate up. Check your e-mail also.

fusspilz 08-25-2005 11:15 AM

I found that it's not so much the weight of the boat, but your foot position. <BR> <BR>Experiment with that. <BR> <BR>Try to move more towards the front of the board with your toes closer to your toeside edge. <BR> <BR>Just don't go home without getting it. That's what I did in my 97 Malibu with just the Wedge. <BR> <BR>It can be done. Try the foot postition thing it will work, I promise. <BR> <BR>

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