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robie 08-19-2005 8:18 AM

Has anyone ordered Alliance through Buywake.com where they are supposed to send you a $20 GC for BuyWake. It has been over a week and still no GC, I have sent two emails and left one phone message with no response. <BR> <BR>What kind of business do they run at Alliance? Is it common place for them to not take care of their customers? I was excited about the deal but it is a few hours away from being canceled. <BR> <BR>Any advice before I have to call my credit card company? <BR>

ndh2o 08-19-2005 9:03 AM

Sometimes it may take a while to get things like this. A week+ is nothing. Ever sent in a rebate? <BR> <BR>You may try calling/emailing buywake tell them the story and see if they will honor the discount. All Alliance sends you is a code anyway.

robie 08-19-2005 9:10 AM

I just talked to Alicia at BuyWake. The informed me it could take up to two weeks. This seems normal to me, but the email I got from Alliance said I would receive my GC in moments. This is the only reason I was getting annoyed. <BR> <BR>A couple of weeks is no big deal to process this but when they say moments I expected moments. <BR> <BR>The guys at BuyWake were very helpful as usual. <BR> <BR>Thanks.

just_board 08-19-2005 2:21 PM

alicia at buywake is tight, i have been hooked up multiple times by her, buywake is a solid site.

mango 08-19-2005 8:13 PM

Never had a problem with Buywake.com. They are one of the best in the business with customer service in my opinion.

drew_a6 08-19-2005 9:21 PM

Alicia. I got the same problem. GRRRR<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/angry.gif" border=0> Were in the same Boat

robie 08-20-2005 9:29 AM

Drew, <BR> <BR>Just wait it out it will come in.

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