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kingjaycee 08-19-2005 5:21 AM

I've been wakeboarding since july of 2004. Just recently I'v been having soreness on my knees and wrists. Is this common with anyone else? <BR> <BR>My wrists seem to be sore and I'm always feeling like a sharp trobbing pain in both my knees thoughout the day. This has been going on for about two months now. <BR> <BR>Maybe it's time to go see a doctor for some test.. <BR> <BR>Would like you opinion first...Thanks

wakebrdrnc 08-19-2005 6:14 AM

Hmmm...I get pains riding. After riding 9 day sin a row I have not ridden since last Sunday. My left shoulder keeps feeling like it is popping out, both elbows, left knee, and right thigh hurt. I think it is part of the game.

xtremrider 08-19-2005 8:59 AM

I have pain in my left wrist and in my left knee. BUt last year ai dislocated and broke my wrist, and i have a torn PCL in my left knee. SO i guess that could be the reason.

helix_rider 08-19-2005 4:39 PM

JC, <BR> <BR>I think our problem is simply to do with the fact that we hit 30+. I've definitely noticed the need for strength/flexibility training as I've gotten older. Both my knees hurt after most sets, I go home, and douse them with Ben-Gay. People give me crap about it, but it makes the pain go away...I know its not a solution, but at least makes the problem bearable.

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