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robertt 08-18-2005 5:51 PM

My right hip is killing me. My bindings are symmetrical, about 13d duck. For some reason, my right hip (I am goofy foot) kills me after riding. <BR> <BR>Which way should I move my setup? What would make my forward hip hurt? I mean, it hurts for at least a day after a long day riding...maybe more. I am at 3 days now after about five sets. <BR> <BR>Any ideas? <BR> <BR>I am 6'5", 36" inseam, 14 foot, ERA 147....any other info needed?

just_board 08-18-2005 7:23 PM

try moving your bindings closer together, i had this same problem and i moved my bindings in two holes and it worked wonders for me, after that though i moved it back out one hole so now i ride one hole closer than i used to (for both bindings) you might give that a shot

luv2wake2 08-20-2005 6:13 AM

My hip used to bother me from the way I was launching off the wake. Kind of like it was a hard hit and would jam it. I learned to approach it with a more progressive edge and try to keep the weight more even and both legs and when I started doing that my hip quit hurting. Also try to land nice and smooth too. Your knees and hips will thank you :-)

thane_dogg 08-20-2005 7:28 AM

try giving it some more duck. I ride my bindings at 18 degrees symmetrical. I'm not saying this is right for you, but a little more duck could help.

robertt 08-20-2005 7:41 AM

thanks guys. I am going to try to go more duck, I am at 12 degrees now, but where it hurts it seems like I am torquing it forward with my foot too far in...if that makes any sense. <BR> <BR> <BR>Sitting here writing this, I can twist my foot WAY out to the right (duck) with no pain, but cant twist it straight without it killing me. <BR> <BR>I will move it out five degrees and see what happens today.

jarrod 08-20-2005 8:05 AM

Robert, are you stretching and excercising your hips? If not you might want to start. Tight hips can cause other problems.

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