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08-17-2005 8:20 AM

<b><font color="0000ff">There is a slalom course on Table Rock Lake near Hideaway. Its in front of a little island between Cedar Hollow and Morris bluff in the James river arm. Does anybody know who owns it or any info on it. My daughter is interested. She just got back from the M-2 ski school in Houston Texas and is wanting to run it. Thanks</font></b>

tacosupreme 08-17-2005 10:10 AM

While I don't know anything specific about that course, but if it is in the lake, it is fair game for anyone who wants to use it. <BR> <BR>If you see other people running it, you may want to introduce yourself. The biggest thing is just be courteous with it. While it is open for you to use, remember that someone has to maintain it and they can get expensive as pwcs knock of the buoys. So if you happen to break a buoy or anything, offer to fix it, or just go the boat store and pick up a new one. <BR> <BR>Have fun!

kstateskier 08-17-2005 9:15 PM

At one point, I think a buddy of mine, Brian Gibson, who skied at KU, maintained that course. That is the worst course set-up on the lake. It is hard to ever find a smooth set there. If you are near the Kimberling City area, the course in Little Cow about 4 miles east of the bridge is a much better bet. Their are also courses on the Kings River arm, and another one south of the dam going toward Arkansas. Not sure on that exact location. I have also heard there is a course north of the Cape Fair bridge that is quieter, but not kept up as well.

09-04-2005 2:36 PM

The course is owned by a doctor from Springfield, his first name is John but the last name escapes me. His house is on the bluff overlooking the island, mostly large glass windows on the lake side and you can see it from the course and vice versa. He has a 2000 or '01 Nautique. Nice guy too, just wants people to respect the course and replace buoys if knocked off. <BR> <BR>FWIW the course is an EZ-Slalom HeavyDuty permanent course installed by myself and the owner last year to replace the trashed course that was there previously. <BR> <BR>Cheers, Ed @ EZ-Slalom <BR><a href="http://www.ez-slalom.com" target="_blank">www.ez-slalom.com</a> <BR>800-216-4461

tacosupreme 09-06-2005 6:34 AM

Ed, thanks for the course! I bought my main line and course plans from you about a year ago. You helped me save a ton of money. <BR> <BR>

09-06-2005 10:51 AM

You're entirely welcome T-Rev, thanks for the kind words. Having fun with your skiing is what it's all about for me, and if we can help you save a bit while doing it that's even better! <BR> <BR>Best Regards, <BR>Ed @ EZ-Slalom

kstateskier 09-06-2005 8:52 PM

Ed's courses are the best. At K-State we used some that withstood everything Lake of the Ozarks put to it for a couple of tournaments.

hyperlite1622 03-29-2006 11:37 AM

i now of a course its either in cows creek or little cows creek nice course not far from ski shack or skiers wharf.

kstateskier 04-02-2006 8:24 PM

Little Cow

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