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trash 06-12-2002 1:31 PM

I'm trying grabs now in my w2w jumps and w2w 180's and seem to keep missing them. Doesn't matter if I try to grab the tail or the middle (don't know the proper terminology) of the board, I always seem to come up short. Either I close my hand and nothing's there, or I graze it and never get a good grip on it. I don't want to look down (you shouldn't have to), so any suggestions? <BR> <BR>My wake is super small, so my airtime is <b>REALLY</b> limited <BR> <BR>Thanks

eyesman 06-12-2002 1:40 PM

you do need some air time to hold a decent grab so i would suggest a. weighting your boat, or b. getting a 3 stage board, or c. working on getting more pop on standard w2w jumps. <BR>If none of this sounds good - perhaps squat down while riding a slight heelside edge out and grab that board to get a feel for the position - i would suggest an indy - grabbing with trailing hand in between bindings on the toeside edge (hope that made sense) when you attempt the w2w with grab, make sure you bring your knees up too along with lowering your hand - make a quick solid grab, THEN let your legs back out and your body back up. <BR> <BR>good luck!

griffdizzle 06-17-2002 6:16 PM

i think one of the most important things when grabbing the board is to bring the board up to your hand, you have to bend your knees. i've seen a lot of people try and just bend over and grab the board but you really have to bring your knees up to get a good grab.

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