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08-16-2005 1:47 PM

My girlfriend is new to the sport and is just learning, she is getting where whe can ride ok and i think she will be able to W2W by the end of summer. But she is really trying to find some girls to ride with, she says it would be easier to learn if it was from a girl. She was going to try to ride with our college team, but they are all guys also. <BR> <BR>Any ladies local let me know, <BR>thanks <BR>Chris

08-16-2005 1:54 PM

Hey Chris, <BR> <BR>I'm in SoCal...San Diego. I ride out at the San Vicente resevoir pretty regularly. Well, I did. I blew my ACL, but since I can now walk, minus crutches, I want to start taking my boat out again. I won't be able to actually ride for awhile, but it would be great to have another chick around. <BR> <BR>My husband gets back in to port late next week and we are thinking of taking out our boat. If you guys are interested, let me know. <BR> <BR>-jesi

wrgodsend 08-16-2005 2:34 PM

Chris, We're in San Clemente and also ride out of San Vicente. We try to go about once a week. We have a boat load already for this Friday so I'll let you know for next week.

nkrn8 08-17-2005 10:19 AM

Hey Chris, I too am a local rider. I am about equal distance from both Elsinore, San V, and Mission bay. You used to be able to catch me at all of them but I am just coming back from a injury and looking to ride a lot more. I have found in other sports that riding with other women is sooooooo important. It is a great motivation, encouragement and a huge support system and I would love to establish that in wakeboarding. Lately, I have seen a few more women out there going for it and this makes me really excited. Like Jesi and Hannah! You girls rock! I almost enjoy giving pointers to my other female riders rather than riding sometimes (not that I am a great rider but I have taking a few classes). Let me know if my teaching skills can be of service. lol. Take care and keep getting her out there! <BR>-Aimee

buzz_grande 08-17-2005 10:31 AM

My boat is usually loaded with girls. Lucky me! Jessica, Hannah, Amay, Sara K, Dre, Amy Batman, and a bunch of others. Give a shout if you would like to join them sometime. I am a HUGE fan of seeing ripping females in this sport. Usually at San V 1-2 days/week.

paolad 08-18-2005 4:47 PM

Hey All, I'll be you're 3rd. I'm in SD. Im new to San Vincente and was hoping you can give some tips. What time do you need to get there in the morning to lock a spot on the lake? What about the evening session? DOes the water conditions stay alright theough out the day? How crazy is it on holiday weekends and is it even worth it as I'd like to go Labor Day weekend. Any tips would be much appreciated as I'd like to go there as I've been going to Mission Bay cuz of the 5 min convenience but the "SALT".... <BR>Thanks, sorry for the 20 questions..

buzz_grande 08-22-2005 9:55 AM

Paola, <BR> <BR>Weekends are pretty crazy right now, and the lake usually gets up to capacity (100 boats), so there are quite a bit of rollers. There is a permit-only wakeboard and ski course which we usually get for a 4 hour block when the rest of the lake is chopped up. Really nice on the course. Thu and Fri are less crowded, and the early morning, and late evenings are really nice. They kick you off the lake at about 7:45 PM. We usually get there at opening (5:30 or so), and get in a few hours. I try to stay most the day on Thurs if I can. Usually have riders come and go throughout the day. <BR> <BR>We have a really great bunch in our groups. Hope you can join us sometime soon. <BR> <BR>PM me and let's see when we can get you out there. <BR> <BR>Take care. <BR> <BR>Buzz

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