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wk_n_snw_rdr311 08-15-2005 3:28 PM

Looking for some catchy names for a new site focused on the sport of wakeboarding! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

denverd1 08-15-2005 3:39 PM

WakeandBake.com hmmm...

blake_hughes 08-15-2005 3:47 PM

<a href="http://www.newsitefocusedonthesportofwakeboarding.com" target="_blank">www.newsitefocusedonthesportofwake boarding.com</a> <BR> <BR>There's my suggestion <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/lol.gif" border=0>. <BR> <BR>-Blake

wk_n_snw_rdr311 08-15-2005 5:15 PM

WakeAndBake.com, i like it, but think that it might be a little derogatory... <BR>ANy other ideas out there?

gtaussie15 08-15-2005 5:37 PM

wakeboardernow.com/wakeboardnow.com <BR> <BR>

liquidmarcus 08-15-2005 7:33 PM

boardwake.com or ridewake.com

justsomeguy 08-15-2005 7:51 PM

<a href="http://www.angrytwentysomethingwhitetrashkidswithlotsofta ckytatsandboatsfullofskankylitebeerdrinkingsluts.c om" target="_blank">www.angrytwentysomethingwhitetrash kidswithlotsoftackytatsandboatsfullofskankylitebee rdrinkingsluts.com</a> <BR> <BR>Aren't stereotypes great?

pierce_bronkite 08-15-2005 8:03 PM

What kind of site are you thinking of? WakeWorld and Wakeboarder.com would be some stiff competition, along with everyone elses local wakeboarding communities.

denverd1 08-15-2005 8:12 PM

wakeworldsbitch.com coolnewwakeboardsite.com

sking55405 08-15-2005 9:18 PM

no suggestions. i just love Blake and justsomeguys web names.

ladythump 08-16-2005 7:17 AM

how about something with the word Water in it instead of the word wake .....

just_board 08-16-2005 1:49 PM

how about <a href="http://www.wakeboard.com" target="_blank">www.wakeboard.com</a>

wakestar8878 08-16-2005 2:46 PM

<a href="http://www.iwakeboardwithyourmama.com" target="_blank">www.iwakeboardwithyourmama.com</a>

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