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kikitlo 08-15-2005 8:17 AM

I was out kneeboarding this weekend, got some good air and when I came down I came down nose first. Ouch! When I went to go get back on the board I had noticed that I had broken the plastic strap holder on the left side of the board. Thank-fully it did not rip the screws out it just busted the plastic where the strap goes through. Does anyone know where I can find this part. The board is a HO Mako I believe ~ "98" or "99"? Any help would be great as I am running into a dead ends. <BR>Thanks in advance

just_board 08-15-2005 8:40 AM

i recently moved a strap from another kneeboard that i have, and it seemed to me those little strap holders are fairly interchangable even across brands so see if you can pick up a really cheap old junky one somewhere, at a garage sale or maybe ebay good luck

tuneman 08-15-2005 8:42 AM

Do you have a picture of one of the footman loops(that's the official name of them)? <BR> <BR>Hydroslide, O'Brien and HO Sports all use the same footman loops now, but I'm not sure about a board that old. You can usually get one from a dealer or direct from the manufacturer.

kikitlo 08-15-2005 8:44 AM

Found one on Ebay, <BR>Thank You Clinton

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