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sking55405 08-14-2005 4:19 PM

i was just curious to see if or how often everybody straightens their wakeboard lines.

levi 08-14-2005 11:16 PM

I put the handle on the ski pylon and let the rope drag behind the boat. <BR> <BR>I may start doing it every time out as it sure winds up easier that way. Then you don't have a rats nest when you pull it out next trip.

thebryan12 08-15-2005 9:18 AM

I agree if you feel it's becoming a telephone cord(tangled and curled) drag it behind the boat kinda fast and let it untangle. When you wrap it up it usually feels great.

madchild1 08-15-2005 6:16 PM

just buy an a-line! you won't believe how awesome it is. totally worth the money. twisting isn't really a problem but to keep it totally absent, untwist with your fingers when you roll it up after everyone has finished riding. do it every time you quit for the day and tangles aren't a problem.

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