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tcboarder 08-13-2005 7:54 PM

Does anyone know if hyperlite is gonna have a roam board for 06, i looked on wakeau.com and i know the pics dont work but i didnet even see an 06 roam on the list, i wasent sure if maybe there is a name change or somethin? But i wanna find out cuz if there wont be one for 06 i geuss ill hafta buy an 05 just so i can have one before they are all bought up. <BR>thanks, Kevin <BR>PS if anyone knows where i could get a good deal on an 05 roam 139 or is sellin one let me know. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by tcboarder on August 13, 2005)

mishaplr 08-13-2005 8:37 PM

Yes, HL will have a new roam that is very cool. Wait to you see this thing. I got to ride it on Wed and it is awesome (Radar Lake). You won't want an 05 after you see this thing.

liveoz 08-13-2005 9:54 PM

Lenny, <BR> <BR>I wish i knew you were in town. We could have hooked for some riding. <BR> <BR>Troy

mishaplr 08-14-2005 12:35 AM

Hey Troy, <BR> <BR>It was a two day event and it went by quick. Looked at the product, went to the factory, rode at Radar and repeat again on the second day. Weahter was great on Tuesday, but sucked on Wed. Oh well, it didn't rain.

westsidarider 08-14-2005 1:40 PM

jus roamin through

mishaplr 08-14-2005 2:52 PM

What up Jason? How is the family? Richie was talking about how you were going off on the roam when we were in Seattle. Paul was really stoked on it. You are going to love the new Roam. I know have a little 4 month old boy. Hope everyone is good. <BR> <BR>Later, <BR> <BR>Len

westsidarider 08-15-2005 6:56 PM

good to hear from ya len. the family is good. that awsome that u got a little one now too. congrats. yea i heard good thing bout the new roam from richie rich. i swore off rdin normal boards after my first ride on the roam. love it. will never go back. my ridin get ten times better on that board. would be cool to get one thats like a 148 or somethin. tell linda i said congrats too. and say hi to everyone at LTD. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by westsidarider on August 15, 2005)

blind5 08-15-2005 7:26 PM

ya the new roam is fing sick. also rode it this last week (th. fri. sat) at radar. <BR>tracks better than the 05', but is still finless/channeless It also fells bigger than the 05'

premierwake136 08-16-2005 1:32 PM

there is going to be new roam board and roam binding <BR>the look sweeet!

premierwake136 08-16-2005 1:38 PM

if you want to see it, it is in the new alliance

wakeriderixi 08-16-2005 5:56 PM

i do not have alliance..... i think someone needs to post us a picture. <BR>thanks

magellan 08-16-2005 6:42 PM

<BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/247885.jpg" alt="">

blind5 08-17-2005 8:43 AM

not exactly. the board has wider tip and tail. and a way cooler graphic

xtremebordgurl 08-20-2005 2:12 PM

thats a pic of one of hydroslides old wakeboards isn't it?

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