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08-11-2005 7:43 PM

Hi <BR> <BR>I can not go W2W. Before I get the usual Progressive Edge, Stand Tall, don't flatten out, and etc. Read this first. First I ride behind an outboard 100 Hrspower, 1990 Sea Ray (it's a ski boat). With a SKI pylon. <BR> <BR>When I ride at 50-55 ft my back foot is landing on the end of the wake and no matter how far away i start my progressive edge. <BR> <BR>When I ride at 66 feet I get the tip of my board up like 4 ft back like 3 ft, the tail of my board is really sagging. I can occaqsionally get 6ft on the front of my board, with many people, but i can not go W2W, i land near the begging of the second wake. Lastly this is all going heelside and I ride goofy. <BR> <BR>I really have to get W2W this year or should just give up? Thanks for all your help. If you ever find yourself stuck in Putnam county without a ride, give me a call.

08-15-2005 7:07 AM

My buddy has the same problem. There are 2 things he is doing that contribute to this. <BR>1. he leans away from the wake as he gets to it. <BR>2. he does not push off with his back foot. <BR> <BR>Too make sure you have a good edge, try crossing the wake and keeping your edge without jumping. Just absorb the wake with your knees. <BR>Cut out toeside as far as you can, relax for a second and let the board flatten out and the rope tighten up, look back across the wakes and start to edge. look at the far shore, continue across the wakes, absorb the wake so you do not get air, stay on edge and continue the cut out the other side. If you come off edge in between the wakes, slow down and try again. <BR>Once you can cross the wakes on edge 3 times in a row, approach the wake again and stand tall with both legs. you should pop right up in the air and sail smoothly across the wakes. <BR> <BR> <BR>Bottom line is that there is a flaw in your mechanics, and it needs to be corrected. Regardless of the boat, you should be able to get wake to wake with the proper mechanics. <BR>

08-15-2005 9:13 PM


wakechic06 08-16-2005 5:25 PM

How fast are you riding? I had the same problem because i was riding too slow and the wake was wider and i wasnt able to get going fast enought. Now i ride about 20-21 and have no problem clearning the wake

08-16-2005 8:49 PM

i ride 18

wakechic06 08-16-2005 9:15 PM

Yea i think that might be the majority of the problem. I rode right at 18 too and i tried so hard but couldnt get the w2w. So about a week or so ago my friend didnt realize he was driving faster and i didnt either. I cut like i usually do, even just a little bit harder, and i was out maybe 2 -3 feet in the flats. I didnt land it cause i wasnt expecting it. It scared me and i let go of the rope lol. But yea try goin about 20 mph. It helps soo much, trust me. <BR> <BR>So try that and definatly let me know how you did. <BR> <BR>Jamie <a href="mailto:Sportyj10@aol.com">Sportyj10@aol.com</a>

08-19-2005 7:27 AM

ok <BR> <BR>also what does speed have to do with it? <BR>

08-20-2005 9:52 AM

wake not as wide

08-22-2005 4:26 PM

I used to ride around 20-21 and would clear the wake, but occassionally would case the wake. So now I'm riding about 24-25mph and it's awesome, the wake is super hard and gives you a good boot. I'm landing in the flats everytime now, so I suggest riding a bit faster than 21.

nautiquerider27 08-24-2005 4:20 PM

i ride at 23-24 and i go w2w every time. A while ago i was riding around 20 but it was too slow. 24 is the right speed.

wesgardner 08-25-2005 12:37 PM

Hey Matt, <BR> <BR>Even a mile an hour will have some affect, so yeah, speed it up a bit, you can also try shortening the rope, I did this last night for some beginner jumpers and it made alotta difference. <BR> <BR>You asked about speed - as the boat goes faster, the wake gets narrower, that little bit of extra speed might be just enough umph to get you across...go out and give it a shot - play with the speed in SMALL increments. <BR> <BR>Oh, here's the real kicker - you CAN go wake to wake, when you start your cut, think "I'm landing over there!" <BR> <BR> <BR>Wes <BR> <BR>(Message edited by wesgardner on August 25, 2005)

msasser 08-27-2005 8:46 PM

boat speed also affects your cut. if you are going slower, the longer it will take you to get on edge when you begin your cut, because the tension is so much less. if you are going faster, you have more tension on the line when you begin your cut, making it easier for you to approach the wake. im pretty sure this is how it works. let me know if im wrong.

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