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prestone 08-11-2005 7:04 PM

what grab is it call when your front hand reaches around the back heelside egde of the board, like a nuclear but other hand other side of board?

wake_upppp 08-11-2005 7:06 PM


prestone 08-11-2005 7:11 PM

i dont think so bc melon is inbetween the feet im talking like between binding and tail on the heelside with your front hand, <BR>like front hand reaching across front of body to heelside edge in back of board <BR> <BR>(Message edited by prestone on August 11, 2005)

wake_upppp 08-11-2005 7:19 PM

In between your legs or around the back?

just_board 08-11-2005 9:04 PM

isn't it a meat loaf or something? <BR> <BR>i'm probably way off..

thane_dogg 08-11-2005 9:12 PM


grinch 08-11-2005 9:54 PM

I think its a palmer

jarrod 08-11-2005 10:12 PM

It's a melon if you are grabing with your front hand where you would normally grab Nuclear. (Heel edge between the front binding and the nose).

wakebordr11 08-12-2005 11:03 AM

hes doing an opposite nuclear from the sounds of his description... dont know the specific name, or if there is one

uga33 08-12-2005 11:34 AM

<a href="http://www2.worldpub.net/images/special/WK/grabindex1.swf" target="_blank">http://www2.worldpub.net/images/special/WK/grabindex1.swf</a>

just_board 08-12-2005 12:40 PM

hahahaha <BR> <BR>meat loaf <BR> <BR>i'm retarded.. <BR> <BR>i believe it is a roast beef. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.wakeworld.com/Tourney/trickdesc.asp?TrickID=38" target="_blank">http://www.wakeworld.com/Tourney/trickdesc.asp?TrickID=38</a>

ccwhite 08-12-2005 12:43 PM

roast beef is when you reach between your legs and grab at the melon position (between your heels). Just reaching behind and grabing between the heels is Melon. If your hand is grabing ahead of your heals then its Method. <BR> <BR>Lances link is a good one. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by ccwhite on August 12, 2005)

r_dub 08-12-2005 1:00 PM

When you grab front hand, heelside between the nose and your front foot,(same area as a nuclear or method) that is a Lien air. <BR>Although I think to do this properly, you are also supposed to bone the back leg and lean over the nose a bit. <BR> <BR>I believe a melon is when you grabbing heelside, front hand, between your feet. <BR> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by r_dub on August 12, 2005)

vcamper 08-12-2005 1:04 PM

Listen to Thane... Its a seatbelt

thane_dogg 08-12-2005 1:14 PM

word. <BR> <BR> <BR>...and just because you grab, front hand, hs edge, in front of your front foot, but not on the nose, doesn't mean you're doing a method. <BR> <BR> <BR>it's a seatbelt.

natxbrotha 08-12-2005 3:48 PM

thats not a seatbelt grab. a seat belt is when you grab the nose of your board with you back hand. im not exactly sure what this "opposite nuclear grab" would be though.

antbug 08-12-2005 3:56 PM

the link that lance put up is not correct. It has the melan and method mixed up. <BR> <BR>Seatbelt grab = back hand on the nose. <BR> <BR>Nuclear grab = back hand where melan grab would be. <BR> <BR>There is not a name for the grab with your front hand on the tail of your board.

wake_upppp 08-12-2005 5:41 PM

Yeah it ain't no seatbelt. Thane, you stand corrected!<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/uhoh.gif" border=0>

thane_dogg 08-12-2005 5:48 PM

Cody - then what is a nuclear? <BR> <BR>Sorry Ant, you're wrong.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0>

antbug 08-12-2005 6:26 PM

Thane ~ come on bro you should know this stuff <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>Nuclear <BR><a href="http://www.wakeboardingmag.com/article.jsp?ID=33511" target="_blank">http://www.wakeboardingmag.com/article.jsp?ID=33511</a> <BR> <BR>All Grabs <BR><a href="http://www.wakeboarder.com/tricks/grabs.phtml" target="_blank">http://www.wakeboarder.com/tricks/grabs.phtml</a> <BR> <BR>All Grabs <BR><a href="http://www.wakeboardingmag.com/article.jsp?ID=33511" target="_blank">http://www.wakeboardingmag.com/article.jsp?ID=33511</a> <BR>

wake_upppp 08-12-2005 6:33 PM

Ant wins. Don't sweat it Thane, happens to the best of em.

prestone 08-12-2005 6:56 PM

so what have we decided the grab is called where the <BR>lead hand reaches across the body to the heelside edge in between the back binding and tail?

thane_dogg 08-12-2005 7:26 PM

According to wakeboarder.com I am wrong. <BR> <BR>Ryan - it sounds like we have a new grab on our hands here, maybe we should make up a new name for it. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/crazy.gif" border=0>

thane_dogg 08-12-2005 7:55 PM

<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/246623.jpg" alt=""> <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/246624.jpg" alt=""> <BR> <BR>these both look border line nuclear or seatbelt to me? What would you guys call 'em?

just_board 08-12-2005 8:07 PM

i think the bottom is for sure a seatbelt <BR> <BR>the top is..ehh <BR> <BR>donno. <BR>

solo 08-12-2005 8:09 PM

The first is Jeff Weatherall doing a Nuclear Grab.

just_board 08-12-2005 8:20 PM

sounds right to me..<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/lol.gif" border=0>

grinch 08-12-2005 8:33 PM

if it is a reverse nuclear grab. meaning that your leading hand goes across your body and grabs the hellside edge of your board toward the tail its a palmer grab.

grinch 08-12-2005 8:34 PM

oops...heelside though hellside sounds cooler

liquidmarcus 08-12-2005 8:43 PM

Alek youre exactly right, it's nuclear but reverse. On Thanes first pic, if he's riding goofy, it would be the trick Ryan is trying to think of. If he were riding regular then its a nuclear grab. There ya go!

antbug 08-12-2005 8:59 PM

Palmer grab is a melan grab with a 90 degree turn/twist <BR> <BR>Thane ~ 1st one is nuclear. 2nd is border line

solo 08-13-2005 8:17 AM

I don't know why we're bickering about what kind of grab this is? 90% of us on this board can't even come close to getting this grab anyway. Better yet, let's see a show of hands. How many of you can get this grab? <BR> <BR>(Message edited by solo on August 13, 2005)

clubjoeskier 08-13-2005 9:50 AM

I can, but only on land....On the water I'd call it "end of my runs for the day"

proho 08-13-2005 9:02 PM

It's a seatbelt. wakeboarders just decided that they could change the names of some grabs around because a front hand tail grab is pretty tough. look up some snowboard sites and find out. look up some snowboard websites if you dont believe me. I'm pretty anal about trick names and I know i'm right so if you don't agree I really don't give a <font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font> grabbing slightly to the side of the nose or tail still counts as a nose or tail grab(seatbelt/crail) but looks damn lazy. oh ya and imo nuclear is a snowboard only trick on a wakeboard its a crail.

natxbrotha 08-14-2005 10:20 AM

this is a great picture of a nuclear grab <a href="http://www.swamistudios.com/photoshoots/050730%2DTexasWakeboardTour/Finals/slides/IMG_2090a.html" target="_blank">http://www.swamistudios.com/photoshoots/050730%2DTexasWakeboardTour/Finals/slides/IMG_2090a.html</a>

prestone 08-14-2005 12:21 PM

Well my idea for the grab name should be a "yeah right" or a "anti-nuclear" wadda ya think <BR> <BR>(Message edited by prestone on August 14, 2005)

wake_upppp 08-14-2005 5:50 PM

proho, go back to the snow covered hills that you came from.

proho 08-14-2005 6:36 PM

i'm just trying to educate those who have spent to much time away from the concrete. we should stop creating diviion by doing stinkbug grabs and using imaginary names.

wakebordr11 08-15-2005 7:13 PM

crail is toeside edge of board and nuclear is heelside edge... there you go proho you now have been educated, so much for the "I am right you are wrong arguement" huh and if Im not mistaken the crail is originally a skate trick, Im not sure if nuclear could be done on a skateboard??

thane_dogg 08-15-2005 7:50 PM

I'm disappointed in myself that I put so much time into this thread. Me and Ant Bug talked this over at the Canyon Lake comp this past weekend, and the consensus was that he was right, but that it was really stupid that we have 2 different names for similar grabs.

proho 08-15-2005 8:24 PM

ya pretty much all legit grabs were made skateboarding. crail is a back hand nosegrab on a skateboard. there is no toe edge in front of the front foot or heel edge in front of the front foot on a skateboard so having crail/nuclear is stupid. just like tindy/tailfish/nelan arent real grabs and slob isnt grabbed in front of your front foot. This is what i go by on my boat and in my pictures, i'm not going to correct other people that are wrong and i'll name grabs the wakeboard way on other people's boats but i figured as long as there was a thread on grab names i might be able to fix some common mistakes made by wakeboarders/snowboarders.

stephan 08-16-2005 2:01 PM

See the problem I have with your logic proho is, why limit ourselves? Yeah a skateboarder can't grab crail because there is no space in front of his foot to grab. As we know this is not the case for a wakeboarder, so why not F-ing grab the spot? A crail that is grabbed on the toeside edge glided out looks sick, I could care less what a skateboarder thought. It's only legit if a skater can do it?!?! I've seen some tindy's that are sick and in no way lazy. Anyone who says nuclear/crail are lame and shouldn't be done is stuck in '88 and shouts "skate or die" too frequently. Each trick is how you make it.

wakestar8878 08-16-2005 2:50 PM


wake_upppp 08-16-2005 5:57 PM

And some division is good. Each sport should grow in it's own way and not be held to a common "core skateboarder" mentality. Diversity makes things more interesting.

damienk 08-16-2005 6:33 PM

Ant...you have your melan and your method mixed up

antbug 08-16-2005 6:57 PM

Damien ~ how so? and I never got to thank you for letting me use your boat at the canyon comp to take some pics. So, thank you.

damienk 08-16-2005 7:35 PM

No Problem anytime...Method is front hand - back of board between the foot and the nose. <BR> <BR>Melan is front hand back of board between feet. Opposite of stale fish. <BR> <BR>Palmer - Is a tweaked with back leg boned - Method Grab <BR> <BR>Just for fun...my wife did a Tai Pan grab at the CLWC contest...who can tell me what it is. And better yet who else can do it?

malibuboarder75 08-16-2005 7:48 PM

I think any grab with your back hand towards the nose should be considered a nuclear grab. In all the magazines, whenever a guy does a batwing, ts backroll, or tantrum with a grab near the nose, they call it a nuclear even if it might be a seatbelt or crail. I have heard of the term seatbelt grab in wakeboarding even if it is a skateboard trick.

socalwakepunk 08-16-2005 7:51 PM

I can tell you. Can't do it. Your sister in law has done Tai Pan in the past. So has Becky MacKay...Want me to spoil it, or am I not eligible?

proho 08-16-2005 8:33 PM

i don't really see it as limiting ourselves. It's not nescesary to have three different names for what is essentially the same grab. I also see it as being lazy to grab off to the side of the location, just as lazy as tick-tocking out of a blind landing. I wouldn't grab tindy just as much as i'm not gonna pull a fashion air(unless im just dicking around.) I'm not trying to change anyones way of naming tricks i just figured i'd let people know that they looked like retards coming up with all these new names for an old trick.

antbug 08-16-2005 9:26 PM

Damien ~ so your saying my profile pic is a Method grab? <BR>

wakestar8878 08-16-2005 9:31 PM

Damien - I'll bite: I believe the Tai Pan grab is when you grab rear hand through your legs to the front edge of the board. Sort of like a Stalefish but grabbing your front edge through your legs. Although I have been known to be wrong, once or twice.

wakestar8878 08-16-2005 9:38 PM

Ant - I'd say that would be more of a melan than a method. A method is basically a melan, but with the board tweaked out in front of you. <BR> <BR>Like Big Heavy here: <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/247951.jpg" alt=""> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by wakestar8878 on August 16, 2005)

damienk 08-16-2005 10:08 PM

Yes Ant <BR>Yes Shawn <BR>No Shawn <BR>That PIC is almost a Palmer Though

proho 08-16-2005 10:14 PM

method isnt a location it's a tweaked melan. that picture is most definitely a method. ants profile pic is a lazy ass melan grab (no offense.)

brinks 08-16-2005 11:22 PM

Melon: front hand HS edge between the front and back foot <BR>Method: Front hand HS edge between the front and back foot. the board has to be turned about 90 degrees. ( a method is a fashion air, melon grab and a BS shifty all in one trick) (See shawns pic above) <BR>Palmer: front hand HS edge between the the nose and front foot. back foot boned out and the nose of the board across the body. It looks like a super tweeked method but grabbed in different spot (named after Snowboarder Shaun Palmer)

deepstructure 08-17-2005 12:01 AM

ya i was told "method air" is a trick utilizing a melan grab, not a grab itself. i used to think method was what you said damien - but i was often corrected, including by darin shapiro.

deepstructure 08-17-2005 12:04 AM

and how is shawn's pic not a method?? especially if according to the trick tip article on this site <a href="http://www.wakeworld.com/Tricklist/TrickTip003.asp" target="_blank">http://www.wakeworld.com/Tricklist/TrickTip003.asp</a> , this is: <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/247968.jpg" alt="method">

damienk 08-17-2005 9:18 AM

The Bottom PIC is definately Method. The PIC above is boarderline...Both are Palmers. If his hand was back on the "R" in Free then it would be Melan. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by damienk on August 17, 2005) <BR> <BR>(Message edited by damienk on August 17, 2005)

damienk 08-17-2005 9:23 AM

<a href="http://www2.worldpub.net/images/special/WK/grabindex1.swf" target="_blank">http://www2.worldpub.net/images/special/WK/grabindex1.swf</a> <BR> <BR>This post is Correct

twakess 08-17-2005 9:29 AM

Off the subject, but what ever happened to Igor. Its like he just fell off the face of the earth. Anyone know.

deepstructure 08-17-2005 11:41 AM

so a palmer is a palmer, but a method is also a palmer? <BR> <BR>and <BR> <BR><blockquote><hr size=0><!-quote-!><font size=1><b>quote:</b></font><p>Palmer: front hand HS edge between the the nose and front foot. back foot boned out and the nose of the board across the body. It looks like a super tweeked method but grabbed in different spot (named after Snowboarder Shaun Palmer)<!-/quote-!><hr size=0></blockquote> <BR> <BR>that seems like the exact definition of a method! sheesh. <BR>

damienk 08-17-2005 11:54 AM


damienk 08-17-2005 1:17 PM

Palmer = Tweaked and Boned Method Grab

brhanley 08-17-2005 1:31 PM

First, I think that Brinks' definition is the closest to my personal defintion of method. Not so sure on the distinction b/w Palmer and Method (appear too similar except where you grab)...check out definitions below. <BR> <BR>Second, if tindy is so bad, then why is grabbing "method" b/w your nose and front foot not? One of those great mysteries (and hypocrisies) of the wakeboarding world. <BR> <BR>Third, I've heard of Igor's style of method, which is incidentally my personal style favorite, referred to as Grassers before. <BR> <BR>Fourth, I think that the method looks better grabbed b/w the feet, but I've also seen some cool looking methods grabbed nosenchaly b/c they can be tweaked more. <BR> <BR>Incidentally, here are four definitions from expn.com from snowboarding. Not vouching for their accuracy (by the way I think WBM is not reliable...I've seen them screw too many names up over the years, though getting better): <BR> <BR>Melonchollie SNB The front hand reaches behind the front leg and grabs the heel edge in-between the bindings while the front leg is boned <BR> <BR>Method SNB The front hand grabs the heel edge, both knees are bent, and the board is pulled up behind the rider. In the halfpipe, the rider's body can become almost parallel with the ground. <BR> <BR>Palmer SNB A kind of method where the grab is near the nose, the board is pulled across the front of the body, and the nose is pointed downward. Named after Shaun Palmer. <BR> <BR>Grasser SNB A variation on the method air performed with the front hand grabbing the heel edge and twisting the board so it faces down hill. The back leg is also boned out. Named after a group of riders from Grass Valley in CA. <BR> <BR>

proho 08-17-2005 1:50 PM

its way better to grab method between your feet is way better than grabbing it towards the nose, some people may not think so, but they're wrong. and the grasser thing is a wakeboard style method. its pretty hard to do a really tweaked shifty without a handle. <BR>wbm screws up so much. they mixed up a nose grab and tail grab in the latest issue.

wakebordr11 08-17-2005 8:14 PM

you gotta be kidding me damien, those are both method grabs, Igors hand is right near his front foot, not in between his front foot and the nose of the board... <BR>Melan is as stated... a front hand grab between feet heel edge... looks best when you poke front leg out and reach back behind you (how it feels to me) method only looks right when you shift backside towards the boat... once again IMO... palmer... neither of those are palmers <BR>I do agree with proho on the method debate! by the way, have a friend that does ridiculous crail grabs and tai pan... he calls em chicken salad... super lenky nut... dunno how he does it

jrad 08-17-2005 10:23 PM

got to grab between the feet. i know we all grab between the boot and nose/tail sometimes, but it isnt photo worthy. bill mccaffrey was the one to decide this. it just looks clean.

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