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jessicasurf 08-11-2005 6:43 PM

Hey Everyone, <BR> <BR>I presume a handful of you will be attending next weeks world championships and I was hoping that I could carpool with someone heading up towards that way Wednesday evening (or possibly early thrusday morning). I will be flying in to San Jose, Ca wednesday and would love to aid in gas in exchange for a ride. Please let me know if anyone may be of assistance. <BR> <BR>Best Regards, <BR> <BR>Jessica Oswald

surfdad 08-11-2005 9:15 PM

Hey Jessica, Jacky Hall and her hubby from the UK are flying in on the 15th and then will be practicing with us on the 16th, I think they are staying in San Francisco area. They might be willing to give you a lift. Also, Arun Frances, last years Men's amateur winner I'm sure will be going. He has his Ohana Board shop in San Jose, you might check with him here on Wake World or at his shop.

buzz_grande 08-12-2005 10:01 AM

Yo Jessica! Miss ya lately, but was going to give you a call next week and see if you were available. Best of luck at the comp. Tear it up! <BR> <BR>Talk to you soon. <BR> <BR>Buzz

jessicasurf 08-12-2005 8:35 PM

Thank You for the information. After consulting a map and realizing that the destination is not at stockton, I decided to fly into Oakland early Wednesday morning. Jeff, do you happen to have Jacky or Arun's e-mail address? <BR> <BR>Buzz.. <BR>I have been wondering about you as well. I have been really busy, studying for my MCAT and competing in Surf comps, after next weekend my schedule will be open. I look forward to seeing you and riding more.

surfdad 08-13-2005 8:06 AM

Hey Jessica, <BR> <BR>You can find Arun here: <BR> <BR><a href="mailto:arunfrances@yahoo.com">arunfrances@ya hoo.com</a> and I think his shop's URL is <a href="http://www.ohanaboardshop.com" target="_blank">www.ohanaboardshop.com</a>, that has telephone numbers and the like, probably the best place to reach him. <BR> <BR>Jacky and her hubby are in the air, but if you PM me a cell number I can ask them to give you a call, but I won't see them until Tuesday.

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