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greenthumb 08-11-2005 9:32 AM

Any tips on completing this trick would be great. I usually get the board around and sometimes land on it but the board always slips out from under me. Any tips on feet placement before initiating sping etc would be awesome. <BR> <BR>Thanks

wakeslife 08-11-2005 3:03 PM

Yeah, just stay low to keep your balance, place your back foot right in the center of the tail, and your front foor comfortably toward the front of the board. Let go of the handle with your trailing arm while doing this trick, it will improve your balance. Try to remember to keep the board in front of you as the board and yourself are still moving while your popping the trick. Keep your weight maintly toward your back foot on landing so you dont fall over the front of the board. <BR>Good lUck!

wakemitch 08-11-2005 5:14 PM

to set up for the trick have your front foot in the middle of the board and your back foot on the tail near the edge, cut out away from the wake for a couple seconds, flaten out, let go with your back hand, scoop the board with your back foot behind you(during the scoop push off of your back foot to pop it), make sure the board is spinning under you, when it is done spinning land with your feet spread and equally weighted. make sure your feet are spread when landing, that is very important. and dont land with all your weight on the tail, it will shoot out infront of you. have fun and keep skatin. go to wakeskating.com

greenthumb 08-15-2005 8:00 PM

Thanks guys, I will print these out and take them on the boat with me this weekend to give it a shot. I appreciate the feedback. <BR> <BR>Cheers!

electricsnow 08-16-2005 9:10 AM

my advice is slightly different. I do keep my back foot near the tail (obviously) but my front foot is pretty far forward, and the heel of my front foot is even with the heel edge of my board. <BR> <BR>I've found that using that front foot to guide that board is super important. I can't totally explain it, it's just something that works. But it's basically just popping with your back foot, guiding with your front foot, and paying attention to the board's rotation. When you do that trick enough, your body learns what to do...that's another thing I can't explain, but it's still cool to me...like running on auto pilot or something. <BR> <BR>And like mitchell said, keep your feet apart and your weight balanced. If your balance is off, you'll either shoot forward (as in your board will stop and you will go forward) or the board will slide out from underneath you.

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