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dubya 08-11-2005 12:28 AM

Is it possible or safe to wakesurf behind a I/O boat? Also, I'm 6'2" and 195lbs so what size board to I need and does anybody have a suggestion for a good beginer one?

sbt3 08-11-2005 5:50 AM

Is it possible sure anything is possible. Is is smart that is the main questions. I would lean highly towards NO. Think about it you have a prop spinning directly in front of you which you could easily fall into and loose a hand, arm, head, die you get the drift. Just don't do it, it's not worth it.

tige_kid 08-11-2005 7:40 AM

No suggestion on a board unless you want to lose an arm or leg. DONT EVEN TRY IT!! Cheack out the link and study the big red box on the first page (then if you dare clik the pic). <a href="http://WWW.howtowakesurf.com" target="_blank">WWW.howtowakesurf.com</a>

dubya 08-11-2005 7:50 AM

Thanx, after I posted the question I realized it wasn't a very good idea. I'm in the process of making a swim platform thats going to cover the outdrive completly, but even thats not enough. I'll just surf behind my friends boats till I get my new one next summer. Thanx again.

sbt3 08-12-2005 6:00 AM

I still wouldn't trust a swim platform. It just isn't worth the risk. Surfing is fun but not worth loosing a limb over.

goinboardn 08-12-2005 11:53 AM

I got caught up on my swim platform the other day and took a nasty spill... had i been behind an I/O i am pretty sure i would not be able to type this today.

breadbutta 08-12-2005 2:43 PM

No Way.....Unless you really didn't need that nose or ear or whatever hits first.

mjmurphy53711 08-13-2005 7:41 PM

DONT DO IT <BR> <BR>i surf right up to my swim platform and walk on the boat.....you are that close. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.wakecoupons.com" target="_blank">www.wakecoupons.com</a>

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