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08-10-2005 9:54 AM

Are there any Schools in IL or WI with a good wakeboard team? I have a house in both places so i would get in state costs which would be nice, but i wanna go to a school that has a good wakeboard team? <BR>Thanks, Kevin

kstateskier 08-10-2005 11:36 AM

Wisconsin has a very good collegiate program, almost every state school there has some sort of watersports team, most with wakeboard teams. College wakeboarding is so early in it's development that I would say there are no good teams, only some that have good riders at one point or another. What I mean is that there is not tradition of good or bad teams, only what is currently there. I would say choose a school you like and help build the team yourself. <BR> <BR>The University of Illinois also has a good program that was based on water skiing, but now has a wakeboard team as well.

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