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08-08-2005 7:43 PM

is there any schools in cali that have a wakeboard team

dhcomp 08-08-2005 9:49 PM

UC Davis has a waterski team that does a good amount of wakeboarding.....

ktmwakeboarder 08-09-2005 5:28 PM

True we do have a waterski team, and it is essentially that. They go to Bell Aqua (a set of private water ski lakes) to practice, which is pretty sweet bc they do get a ton of water time. But, they are really really waterski focused/oriented, and don't give much attention to the wakeboarding. Even in the competitions, there is no wakeboarding, they have trick skiing where you have to take the fins off, and try to throw down with an unweighted boat... they do party like crazy tho! hooray <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>

rodmcinnis 08-16-2005 11:12 AM

California State University, Sacramento has a wakeboard "club" (separate from the water ski club). They have a Super Air Nautique and go to lake Folsom to ride. They gather to ride a lot, generally going out most week day afternoons. There has been a lot of talk of going to a competition but not much action. <BR> <BR>

08-18-2005 1:57 AM

Hey rod..do you have any more info on the Sac State team...just moved to folsom and attending the university as well..dyin to ride. Thanks!

rodmcinnis 08-18-2005 12:18 PM

Flava: <BR> <BR>My son happens to be the president of the wakeboard club....... <BR> <BR>Drop him an email and I am sure he will hook you up. Chad McInnis <a href="mailto:cmcinnis@sbcglobal.net">cmcinnis@sbcg lobal.net</a> <BR> <BR>

09-06-2005 7:35 PM

Long Beach State has a wakeboard team that is fully devoted to wakeboarding for those of you on the southern side of the state. We get a brand new Calabria Cal Air Pro-V every year from our sponsor and we are hosting our first wakeboard tournament in Long Beach on october 8th and 9th... more info at <a href="http://www.ridelbsu.com" target="_blank">www.ridelbsu.com</a>

stephan 09-15-2005 9:26 PM

My school Cal Poly SLO had a club until we threw a huge rager and got kicked off of campus. So what we did is staged a coup d'eta and created the CCAW(Central Coast Association of Wakeboarders). We are a college oriented non-profit organization but are open to anyone that is stoked on the sport. This year we are running demos and should start putting on tournaments and events by next summer. We decided to re-invent ourselves and establish credibility. No more scheduled drunk fests, just wakeboarding and whatever comes from it. Our plan is to have events and then sanctioned parties but with a strict underage drinking rule imposed. there's no way to get sponsors if there are minors drinking.

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