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kevin_rx20 08-07-2005 7:05 PM

So I've recently purchased a boat and now have a chance to ride any time I want. Since I got the boat I've progressed to jumping w2w heel side and doing grabs and such. Nothing big yet. But I want to be able to jump well toe side before I start going all out on the heel side and become a one sided boarder. <BR> <BR>Anyway I haven't been able to go w2w or get any real kind of pop off the wake toe side. Any tips on getting better going toe side? I spent a couple runs today trying to work on it. All I did was get a one wake 180. Which is really stinking easy. <BR> <BR>I've read that you just need to keep the handle at your hip. <BR> <BR>Any help or thought would be appreciated.

08-07-2005 9:10 PM

try to stand tall from the time you initiate your cut to the time you leave the wake. I tend to "pump"the trough a little with my knees to help me stand tall through the wake. If you have trouble turning towards the boat after you jump try to grab indy, that should keep you over your toes.

08-08-2005 6:44 AM

Try letting go with your rear hand (right = regular, left = goofy), as soon as your in the air. Then when you land, hold the handle close your lead hip. Sometimes I even feel like I hold it kind of behind my rear hip. This will help you keep your toeside edge so you donít slip out when landing.

kevin_rx20 08-08-2005 12:30 PM

I don't really have a hard time landing. I do typically let go with my rear hand. The problem I'm having is getting good height and distance. I just don't feel like I'm jumping very well. <BR> <BR>

stunt3342 08-08-2005 1:48 PM

try to pop off the top just like u would a heelside jump. it just takes practice too, you'll eventually get the feel for it

08-08-2005 3:39 PM

i had a problem like that as well, then i thought about cutting into the wake toeside like i cut out of the wake heelside, by leaning away from the boat ALOT, i dunno if this is right or not but now i can jump the wake toeside easy, do w2w TS 180s, and a few TS inverts, just make sure your progressive edge into the wake is hard and dont let off your edge, and stand real tall with the rope close to your hips, kinda stand up at the top of the wake and maintain that position and you will get it <BR> <BR>p3ace and good luck

stunt3342 08-08-2005 8:24 PM

i ride with a dude that can't jump toeside but he can do quite a few toeside inverts. kinda weird.

kevin_rx20 08-08-2005 9:48 PM

Chase--Thanks man. I don't know why I had never thought of it like that. I think that may help out a lot. I'll have to try it this weekend. <BR> <BR>If nothing else hopefully it will give me further insight into the whole technique

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