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08-07-2005 8:28 AM

hey guys - i just need a bit of help- I have been wakeboarding about a month now and been going about every other day since we got our boat. I am clearing W2W fine and getting about 4 feet of air. I can pull some tricks - 360s, grabs, etc but no tantrums/backrolls yet...my question is how do i get more pop off the wake? Clearing it is not the problem i just feel like im not getting high enough <BR> <BR>I have a good progressive edge- Im holding the rope by my hips like i have been taught and straightning my legs right at the top of the wake- I can feel the pop - just not a HUGH pop- any suggestions?

stunt3342 08-07-2005 12:11 PM

try to stand taller at the top of the wake, but don't jump, otherwise it just takes practice and figuring things out

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