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allen 08-05-2005 8:40 AM

I Gotten the Idea of trying S-Bend's again but the last time I got this idea in my head, i knock my self out(Big Crash). The trick its self dosn't look like it would be that hard, And I know that some say it's a girl trick but i still would like to learn. If any one has a simple break down of how they do either an S- bend or a Vulcan that would be great. <BR> Thanks.

08-05-2005 9:34 AM

i cannot do an S-bend, but these are things i hear. <BR> <BR>edge in like a raley, once you leave the wake, look into your back armpit to initiate the rotation. let yourself do the 360. be carefull not to pull on the handle until you are back to facing the water like a normal raley, THEN pull the handle down. someone also told me you can kick your back foot around... i duno if it works or not. <BR> <BR>as far as a vulcan, i believe thats an S-bend with a rewind 180? i would think that would be a handle push away but i duno. <BR> <BR>good luck.

allen 08-05-2005 10:02 AM

see that's what I'm thinkin but last time I was trying them it just didn't work out. I'm gonna give it a go this weekend so we'll see what happens. <BR> Thanks

jarrod 08-05-2005 10:10 AM

True. I can't do one. Nut I know that if you pull on the handle before you complete the spin you're FCKED!

stephan 08-05-2005 12:20 PM

Do a frontflip with your arms over your head.

wakedude83 08-06-2005 4:41 PM

I'm not a fan of raley tricks, but I can tell you this: Make sure you do a true S-Bend and not a front flip bend. There are so many people out there saying that they do S-Bends, when really they are doing a frontflip with their arms above their heads. An S-Bend is a raley with a 360 in the MIDDLE of it, not at the beginning. A good example of an S-Bend is Darin Shapiro or Jonathan Nadolski. Peace.

08-06-2005 5:18 PM

How is an S-bend a girl trick, i cant think of one girl throwing em, not even Dallas.

allen 08-08-2005 3:03 PM

Benny..I don't know just some of the guys I used to ride with in college thought that it was a girl trick. As in not that hard but none of them could do it. I didn 't say that I thoght it was a girl trick. <BR>Nick.. can you do a bend? I need any tips you can give me besides what not to do, pretty much covered that. <BR> Late.

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