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08-04-2005 6:35 PM

Alright I dont have a video yet but i'll explain what im doing. I ride reg. <BR> <BR>Ive been trying to get the raley for 2 weeks now and im very close but my only problem is that when im throwing the raley it starts to turn me switch so when im pulling in for the landing, my only option is to drop my should be front hand and land switch. I can't land switch. My friend also says that the board is not parallel with water at the peak of my raley. It's cocked with the tips perpendicular to the water. <BR> <BR>plz help. all I wanna do is be in the position to land it reg. <BR> <BR>

08-04-2005 8:34 PM

Try waiting until you are off the wake before you push the board back and then stare at the ball on the tower/pylon. Hope it helps.

ahuser22 08-04-2005 9:41 PM

I had the same problem when I first learned the raley. Alright so here is what you want to do: <BR> <BR>1) Cut out as far as possible <BR>2) Make a very aggressive cut into the wake <BR>3) Commit yourself to the raley...it is do or die <BR>4) Do not let up on the cut, carry it through the wake <BR>5) Keep your eyes on the tower <BR>6) Pull the handle equally with both hands to your waist <BR> <BR>Good luck!

toesideturtle 08-07-2005 7:14 PM

you are stargazing --fix--as you edge into the wake, think of keeping your weight equal on both feet. keep the handle in the center of your body. good luck--I was doing the same and this helped me.

08-07-2005 8:39 PM

hah yea man, just keep your weight even on your feet, i used to do that too, cept i would just kinda do like an opposite 911 and bring it back down to normal, the guy at my comp. called it a tweaked raley...i dunno it looks badass but im not sure if its actually a good or a bad thing, but i just made sure i had my weight even on both feet when i took off and i squared up in my raley just fine

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