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cwbrider16 08-03-2005 9:49 AM

i have a sony dcr-trv250 (i know, not the best for video/editing) but it does not play tabes that i put in it. It shows a little icon (box with a triangle on top of it...) and beeps constantly. Anyone familiar with this type of problem?

08-04-2005 12:53 PM

is the tape record tab on? if so, slide it to the "record" position.

cwbrider16 08-05-2005 4:21 AM

it does this whenever the camera is in "record" or "vcr" modes.

08-05-2005 9:29 AM

no no, i mean on the tape itself. theres a little tab you can slide on the tape. you can also look in your manual to see what that icon means.

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