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08-01-2005 7:53 AM

Guys and gals... I need some serious help here, I rode last night and have encountered a bit of a problem. Everytime I jump, my board goes way behind me like kind of "raley-ish", but I am defintiely not meaning too. It is beginning to frustrate me, am I leaning to far back/ have my knees bent too much on my cut into the wake? I am clueless here all I know is that as soon as I get into the air my board goes behind me and the bottom side of the board faces to the sky, something seems screwed up in the way I am approaching the wake but I dont know what, any and all help more than appreciated.

alanp 08-01-2005 8:43 AM

keep some bend in your arms and weight your feet more equally. say 45% front and 55% rear. weight on your heals. stand tall on top of the wake.

08-01-2005 8:44 AM

keep the handle in close to your hips. this will help with your center of balance. If you hold the handle straight armed then it just pulls you from that point into the "superman action". So just think about having the handle close to your leading hip...

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