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07-24-2005 1:25 PM

if i am coming in on my heel edge is it easiest to pull a straight backflip or frontflip?

alanp 07-25-2005 6:35 AM

tantrums(backflips) are easier than heelside frontflips. however i have a feeling you are mixing a mexican backroll with the tantrum. with either of those its just a matter of preference and what you are comfortable with. i learned backroll before a tantrum but i know of alot of people that learned the tantrum before the backroll.

07-25-2005 7:15 PM

I learned my hs backroll first, took me a day or two, then my tantrum took me just as long. I just landed a hs frontflip on my second attempt yesterday. I had them consistant, and I still don't have my backroll and tantrum landing consistant. <BR> <BR>I've always been able to do front flips better than backflips on a trampoline, or in a pool or something. Maybe that's why I find it easier to do that, or maybe learning a backroll helped me in some way with the frontflip. Personally I feel more comfortable with the hs frontflip. <BR> <BR>Tantrums are easy though because you have such a long time to spot your landing. Try them all a time or two, see which you're most comfortable with.

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