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raketball 07-20-2005 10:16 PM

I have HS and TS 180's down and almost have them down riding switch. I tried a few 360's today and I am curious to know if you think it easier FS or BS? It seemed like my falls were not at bad when I tried BS. I fell on my face when I tried FS. I have only tried a few times and I hope to stick it soon. Any input would be great. Thanks, Tim

07-20-2005 10:53 PM

for some people bs spins are harder, for some they're not. same thing with fs spins. once you learn how to stay on axis and spin correctly, its only a matter of time until you can do them all.

alanp 07-21-2005 7:53 AM

tim i learned fs first however i find bs easier. if you cant do bs 180's you may not be ready for the 3 though. to learn the majority of my spins i slowed the boat down to 16-17 mph and learned them. then slowly sped the boat up and added ballast. do a search for threes on this board there is a ton of info. cody is correct once you learn how to stay on axis spinning 3s isnt to difficult.

bradb 07-21-2005 3:08 PM

Like Alan said, if you have solid bs 180s, the 3 will come really quickly. Just spin the bs 180 on the way up, and reach for the handle and look for the boat. That will bring you the rest of the way around. <BR>If you havent leaned bs 180s with a handle pass, learn them before trying the 3. <BR>I also learned fs first, and find them simelar in dificulty. <BR>B <BR>

07-22-2005 9:40 PM

Is that handle infront of the real handle for 360 wraps or w/e u call it when u put the rope around u and let the rope spin you?

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