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autotunner69 07-20-2005 7:54 PM

I looked for the Pro Tour on the on screen menu, on the Outdoor Life Network and it's not the same. for instance 7/21/05-3:00p.m. & 9:00p.m.PST PWT is supposed to be on but they are showing cycling-tour de france? anyone know what's up with this?

loudontn 07-20-2005 11:04 PM

Until Sunday, when Lance wins it all, they show the Tour de France nearly three to four times a day. They have said the return to regular programming will be next Monday.

wakeworld 07-20-2005 11:29 PM

And that's why we no longer attempt to bring you a TV schedule. The shows get moved around more often than not and trying to get somebody to inform you of the change is pretty much impossible!

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