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whitlock87 07-20-2005 12:00 PM

I will be going to Parker next month. <BR>This will be my first time there, and my first time on the river. <BR>We will be staying at the Blue Water Hotel, and I am planning on keeping my bout in the marina for 3 days. <BR>Can I get gas on the water there? <BR>Anything I should know about before driving in the river? <BR> <BR>Thanks for any input <BR>David <BR>

stephan 07-20-2005 12:07 PM

It's good to go with someone that knows the river as there are a few shallow areas. Down at the south end (where Bluewater is), it's pretty wide &amp; safe. Up under the dam is where it can get hairy, there is also a couple shallow spots just above Roadrunner &amp; just above Big Bend. Generally these are on the AZ side. You can get gas on the water at a couple places(AZ shores &amp; across from Big Bend - I believe, not sure on the AZ shores but it's real close there). It's way cheaper in Parker which is 5 minutes from the hotel. I've spent years on that spot since I was a little baby &amp; pretty much know it like the back of my hand. Send me an email if you want the specifics of the shallow spots. Often in the early AM they release very little water because electricity needs are low at that time so the shallow hazards are higher when you are riding in the early AM, which you will need to do. Plan on being in the water at 5. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by stephan on July 20, 2005)

thespleen 07-20-2005 12:22 PM

Also, getting gas in the middle of the day on the water can be a biyatch (long lines) at least up north, like at the Buckskin. <BR>We generally thought the water up around there was better; one spot we like was the stretch basically between the Roadrunner and Buckskin. <BR>Last couple time we went, at least, the traffic never really died down enough in the evening for really good boarding (at least nothing like how great it is in the early morning). <BR>I think the water's pretty safe, just keep to the middle on your first run through an area, and do be more carefull in the morning, especially if it's a weekday (like he said, way lower water level). <BR>Also, I'm sure there are worse places, but middle of the afternoon on a weekend is crowded and drunk, so be careful.

drewsy 07-20-2005 12:24 PM

The Blue water is nice, however there is an additional $25.00 per night for a slip. There is a marina store at the launch ramp. Everyone at the hotel is very nice.

wakeme884 07-20-2005 2:27 PM

Apparently the slips have gotten real popular. Last 2 summers the slips were $10 a day if you stayed at the hotel. Weekends are not worth being there unless you like watching drunken frenzies and idiot boaters.

stephan 07-20-2005 5:00 PM

or don't mind getting up at 4:30 and riding. We do the dam float loop a dozen or so times get up by the dam &amp; see how far we can go without having to make adjustments. The lake offers a little more space if the river gets claustraphobic. Take Off Point is a free launch right next to the dam.

whitlock87 07-21-2005 9:08 AM

What is the Dam float loop? <BR>Sounds like somthing my kids will like. <BR>Thanks David

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