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stearnzie 07-19-2005 7:55 PM

I was wondering is it easier to to get surface tricks, and to get W2W down without fins? my board has channels so will that give me the same result as a flat board with smaller fins? any advice on how to make W2Ws easier? thanks <BR> <BR>i know this is also in another forum, but it wasn't getting any responses.... thanks <BR>

jhertz27 07-20-2005 9:22 AM

I'd say surface spins and such are easier, however...i would keep the fins for wake 2 wake, you will get a better edge with fins on the board.

stephan 07-20-2005 1:00 PM

Wake to wake is definately easier with fins in as it gives you a little more drive through the wake to clear it. Riding finless will force you to learn a progressive edge as it forces you to use your edges versus using your fins to generate forward thrust. A progressive edge is the key to jumping. A board with only channels &amp; no molded fins may be entirely too slippery without fins. Try it out but know that you will have to work harder to generate the forward drive required to clear the second wake. All boards have some sort of bottom feature, channel &amp;/or molded fins, there is no such thing as a flat board except for the Roam. Let us know what LF something or other is &amp; we'll tell you if it's good finless or not.

thirdgear 07-20-2005 2:25 PM

I ride a CWB Inferno 135 from a couple years back and when I tried it finless for a while I found it entirely too loose. Anyone else tried riding this one finless, opinions?

bigshow 07-20-2005 3:58 PM

If you can edge W2W sould be easy without fins.

stearnzie 07-20-2005 7:16 PM

ok so i ride a liquid force Flite (i didn't remember offhand the model sry) and i tried today finless, and it just made it way too hard inside the wake to be comfortable, you get too tired/distracted just maintaining your ride to pick up anything new. although surface tricks were 12899123 times easier. Outside the wake was pretty decent, but since i ride on the ocean the fins help a lot in dealing with any chop or errant wakes of other boats. <BR> <BR>how do you do a progressive edge? a link to a good description/instructional would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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