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07-19-2005 6:38 PM

I was wondering is it easier to to get surface tricks, and to get W2W down without fins? my board has channels so will that give me the same result as a flat board with smaller fins? any advice on how to make W2Ws easier? thanks <BR>

cwbrider16 07-20-2005 5:13 AM

what kind of board do you have? If you can cut towards the wake hard without the board slipping out from under you with no fins, you should be fine. Surface tricks can be done just as easily with smaller fins than with no fins at all

07-20-2005 7:39 AM

thanks mike, and yes i can, but there isn't much wakeboarding where i live, so its much harder to get smaller fins... kinda a bummer, i am trying to get a bunch of other ppl in my town more into it, but its hard on the ocean rather than on lakes and such, luckily its been a VERY flat summer and so its pretty much like a lake anyways. I am going to go today and try with no fins, but if that doesn't work out, where can i get smaller fins?

07-20-2005 8:18 AM

Fins are the equivilant of training wheels on a bike. Fins help you track through the water and give you a locked feel. If you ride a board w/o the center fins you are forced to learn to truly edge your board and it will make you a much better rider. Also landing w/o the center fins are easier b/c you can pull out some landings that you couldnt with center fins. I ride finless b/c it suits my style. I say go for it.

jhertz27 07-20-2005 8:26 AM

I'd say surface tricks are easier without...however you will get a better edge for w2w if you leave the fins on.

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