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boarddude 07-19-2005 3:54 PM

Thought to inquire about Hirtz Bay campgrounds...good spot? shade?...showers for the girls? What about leaving the boat in the water? Whats the water level? Bears? Varmits? Any advise...Thanks

ss1234 07-19-2005 4:03 PM

It's Shastaaaaaaa....how bad can it be?

ss1234 07-19-2005 4:20 PM

check that......If the temp is a buck-five, no shade, the girls' hair isn't right due to no shower, they see a bear, and the boat isn't in the water to escape from the bear.......you may not have a great time even though you are at Shastaaaaaaa.

boarddude 07-19-2005 6:14 PM

Ahh, Steve you are killing me hear...the wife is just laughing at your posts...hell, it was 94 today up there and with all those tree in the tidy brochure, its got to be Shastaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...besides, me and the boys got the ice cold drinks on...

ss1234 07-19-2005 6:30 PM

If you got the ice cold drinks on....then back to the how bad can it be? <BR> <BR>Tell your wife, if there is a bear, she doesn't have to out run it, she just has to outrun you..... <BR> <BR>But seriously, sorry no info on Hirtz Bay. Been to Shasta many times (late June was the last trip) but always on a houseboat or "camping" on party barge. Don't know anything about the land facilities. I know you can get the current draw down (water level) on the shasta web site.

sordave 07-19-2005 11:38 PM

Depending on the time of year, there is a little protected cove that goes back along the campground and you could easily leave your boat in the water. Out on the point is gets pretty rough water and windy in the afternoon. <BR> <BR>I was in the little cove June 25th and the water was about 30 feet deep. Compare the water level then to now to see how much water will be there. <BR> <BR>That area does have bears. <BR> <BR>I have never been in the campground, but I know of a few people that really like it and stay there every year. There is a launch right there, so you can take your boat out at night if you want. <BR>

lzyboy 07-20-2005 7:00 AM

Rob, <BR> <BR>There is a group camp that runs approx 60.00 a night @ Hirz Bay, it is VERY WELL protected by shade, has 10-15 tables, plenty of flat tent spots and direct access 25-50 feet to water from the waters edge = it is in the cove thats Dave is talking about... We have rented in in the past and loved it, 5 or 6 of us left our boats in the water overnight... <BR> <BR>Hope that helps

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