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hypoxic_films 07-19-2005 2:45 PM

Now that Ive sprained my ankle...again. All I can really do is surf. anyone in the Norcal area looking for a third or just another body for surfing let me know. And of course Ill chip in for gas. <BR> <BR>Thanks <BR> <BR>Danny Turner <BR>HYPOXIC FILMS <BR>hypoxicfilms.com <BR>1-877-HYPOXIC toll free

surfdad 07-19-2005 5:22 PM

Danny, long time no see. I'd still like you to come down and test the three remaining Walker boards. The rest of them are with Arun at his Ohana Board Shop in San Jose. We hit New Hogan Reservoir twice a week, Wednesday's and Saturday and basically just surf, fish and eat <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>. Send me a PM if you're still good to go.

dennish 07-19-2005 5:41 PM

Danny, <BR>Great taking you and Olga out riding the other day. <BR>I am going out to Folsom @ Brown's Ravine Wednesday evening to surf and some will board I think. You are more than welcome to come out again. <BR>Dennis

surfdad 07-19-2005 5:46 PM

Hey Dennis, How did that shred stixx work out for you? Judy, James and I would love to have you and the wife and Danny and Olga come join us sometime for surfing. I wonder if we could set up some two boat wakes? <BR> <BR>

dennish 07-19-2005 6:40 PM

Jeff, <BR>Only tried the Shred Stixx one time couldn't quite ride with no rope but had a great time with the line. Took awhile to train the driver. Took me awhile to find the right spot on the board to get up probably a combination of both me and driver. Jerry recommends a 6'10" 3" thick 23" wide. What do you think of those stats. I will be in Angels Camp from Aug 5 thru 12. Could go to Hogan sometime that week. <BR>Dennis

hypoxic_films 07-19-2005 7:14 PM

Dennis, <BR> <BR>Thank You again for having us. Im leaving tomarrow for Japan and then I have to go to Oregon. Ill be home the first of the month. Ill email you. <BR> <BR>Jeff im down. Ill email you in a couple weeks. <BR> <BR>Thanks guys <BR> <BR>Danny Turner <BR>HYPOXIC FILMS <BR>hypoxicfilms.com <BR>1-877-HYPOXIC toll free

surfdad 07-20-2005 6:41 AM

Hey Dennis, I have to tell you, Jerry knows his stuff. A 6'10" is big, but I'll bet that would work to get you up. If you get a chance to come down to Hogan, you and the wife jump on the boat with us. I'm confident I can get you free surfing on that Stixx you currently have. <BR> <BR>Danny, great to hear it. Drop me a line when you free up.

hypoxic_films 08-04-2005 11:49 AM

Anyone going out in the norcal area today or tomarrow and looking for an extra? <BR> <BR>Thanks <BR> <BR>Danny Turner <BR>HYPOXIC FILMS <BR>hypoxicfilms.com <BR>1-877-HYPOXIC toll free

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