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wakebordr11 07-18-2005 9:03 PM

Just needed to share some stoke with the rest of the community. First off I live in NY and can't demo and my hat is off to buywake, I forget the reps name (female) that recommended the LF Substance. It makes riding my small wake real easy and riding the good wakes the board is UNREAL, great pop, smoother landings than the old premier, EXCELLENT release for 3s(worken on 5s). Second I needed to share the stoke of landing toeside 3s recently, they seem real easy compared to learning hs 3s which I also learned this year along with wake to wake on the skate. This has been the greatest summer ever as far as progression and I have been having more fun. <BR>Ive got one question on the t/s 3s, how do you all grab them? I found that if I pass the handle late and rotate real slow is the best way of doing ts 3s for me, it ensures no over rotation on the landing but what grabs should I be looking for that would be easy to add in... hs 3s Ive got slob and nose grabs some of the time <BR>What spin should I practice next, Im thinken of worken on tantrums but I want to add more spins than learn a flip...

wickedwake 07-18-2005 9:26 PM

Most say ts/fs 5's are easier than 3's, try that.

iamnathanhudson 07-19-2005 11:12 AM

I am way different....i learned a HS/BS 3 first then i learned a HS/FS 3 second. I still can't do TS 3's at all......I say for grabbing a HS/FS 3 would be easier the TS/FS 3.....Try a Slob HS/FS 3.

alanp 07-19-2005 5:06 PM

i was looking forward to riding the substance but was let down once i got on it. a little to slow for my tastes. alas im on the era(old premier).

wakebordr11 07-19-2005 8:01 PM

wow, I find the old premier to be MUCH more sluggish into the wake than the substance. they ride about the same speed but the substance builds a better edge... for me anyway <BR>just goes to show that every board rides differently for each other person <BR>btw what size era do you ride and what size substance did you try, I went from a 140 premier to the 138 sub... <BR>took a serious fall tonight on a heel 3... kinda missed the handle pass and augered in backwards, worst fall of my life so Im a lil rattled right now but I got the toe 3s 100% and heel 3s 75% tonight so Im pretty happy, real close on toe 5s, Ive been riding without sacs so I figure once I bother filling them I'll have the toe 5

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