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wakeboarder84 07-16-2005 9:35 PM

when i was learning a 180, i had the worst issues with keeping on axis. no matter what my feet always came out from under me...is it just me or am i doing something wrong?

tyboarder03 07-16-2005 10:16 PM

Grant <BR>Ive been having the same problems, i can land 180's w2w sometimes, but not even close to consistant, I've heard try to keep the rope close to your hips, but im not sure, Ive already in the last 2 weeks stuck backrolls consistantly, and almost tantrums, but im pissed that something like a 180 can just completely dominate me. Your not alone. <BR>Any helps appreciated. <BR>~Tyler~ <BR>

wakeboarder84 07-16-2005 10:19 PM

way off subject, but whats the difference between a backroll and a tantrum?

07-17-2005 5:33 PM

for a 180 you want to be at the peak of your heigh then pull the handle in with both hands to your back hip to initiate the rotation and to stay on axis. if you are getting off axis its because you are letting your arm(s) out and/or pulling in and trying to spin right off the wake.

denwakebdr 07-17-2005 11:57 PM

Grant, Try picking a spot on the shoreline and looking at it..see if that helps

alanp 07-18-2005 9:09 AM

tantrum- backflip <BR>backroll- board rotates behind you <BR>try your 180's one wake first before going w2w(wake to wake). if you cant do them one wake then ur not gonna be able to do them w2w. get pop and then rotate and look at the shore.

rmack 07-18-2005 10:15 AM

Don't look down and keep the handle at your hip. I had the same problem with the 180's and that helps me.

kawaik 07-19-2005 5:31 PM

i am in the same boat (figuratively). i can land backrolls and tantrums but spins have me whooped. i am closer to landing a toeside roll to revert than a heelside 180. wtf?

kawaik 07-19-2005 5:33 PM

btw i can do them over one wake but w2w i over rotate or come off axis and get kicked in the mouth for it.

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