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cwbabsolute1080 07-16-2005 5:10 PM

Hey I way 130 pounds and I am about 5'5... should I ride the premier 130 or the 136... on the board page it says the weight limit for a 130 is Weight range: Up to 155 lbs. so that would b right but I have been riding an absolute 135 or a motive 134.. which size would be better.

munson 07-17-2005 5:43 PM

I was reading in wakeboaring magazine that the majority of pro's are 5'4 to 5'9. That list included Murray, both Bonifay's, and Byerly. The article continued to say they are all riding inbetween the 138 to 142 range and going to bigger boards. I am 6 foot 200 pounds and anything over 142 really limits my options as far as selection. The article said the bigger boards offer more air and easier landings. Maybe this can help you. If you want I'll go through my old mags and tell which month it was, then you might be able to find it on their web site.

nikki 07-18-2005 7:29 PM

I'd say test out both boards, it's all preference. Some people like the feel of a smaller board because they can have more control. I'm 5'9 155lbs and i ride a 134.

iamnathanhudson 07-19-2005 9:24 AM

135 is about as big as i will go depending on the board. I went from an Origin 134 to a Byerly 132. I have to say I enjoyed having the smaller board. But then i moved on to the LF Fusion 134 which I absolutely loved. The HL to LF switch to a little getting used to but was well worth it. I just got an Omega 135 and even though it is a cm longer it feels like it rides shorter than the 134 Fusion. So it kind of comes down to the feel of the board. If the board feels long for you then cut down the size of it.

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