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07-13-2005 12:46 AM

I'm new to the whole camcorder mini DV thing so forgive me if I ask a silly question. <BR> <BR>When I transferred a 60 minute Mini DV tape to my PC it took up 12.7GB. Is that normal? What format should I transfer it into? I used DV, but had a choice to use mpeg, avi, wmv and a few others. <BR> <BR>Also, how in the world do I start to learn how to edit this stuff. I tried a little editing using Premiere and messed up some footage. hahaha. <BR> <BR>I'm not looking to be the next Spielberg. I just want to capture some footage of my kids, and be able to watch it without going into a seizure from all the shaking. hahaha

scott_a 07-13-2005 3:10 AM

if you just captured the video on your computer leave it in .avi format. <BR> <BR>the best way to learn is to just play around with footage. you may have deleted footage, but its still on your hard drive, so just reimport it and start playing with it again.

wakehound 07-13-2005 10:16 AM

.avi is the best way to keep it, but it is at 25MB per sec I think. Get yourself another large HDD in your system to use just for film

07-16-2005 8:18 AM

I have 2 120 GB HD just for video footage, I know people who have 4 200 GB HD just for video captures.

07-26-2005 1:37 PM

video footage eats through hard drive space. To learn about premier it has a tutorial of some kind i believe but just spend time with it and youll pick it up pretty fast

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