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ferrarispider95 07-06-2005 2:11 PM

Any advice, I pop up, pull the handle come around grab handle, but as I land I am falling back and cant keep the handle. <BR> <BR>What am I doing wrong.

mmobius2001 07-06-2005 9:30 PM

best advice i can give, is use building blocks, practice switch backside 180s, surface than ollie, that will really get you in the correct body position to pull off you 360, doing the 180 will get your muscle memory to know what position to be in during the handle pass, and you will feel out the handle alot better.

muddyboss 07-06-2005 10:16 PM

i was doing this for ages, the way i found to fix it was flatten off your cut as you come up the wake and force yourself to have a straight body position as you leave the wake. then when you have that sorted return your cut to normal. <BR> <BR>as for keeping the handle, give a little tug to your back hip as you rotate, the little slack will help it from being pulled.

ferrarispider95 07-12-2005 2:07 PM

Yea figured it out. Good advice, the way you leave the wake is the way you land. <BR> <BR>ie. I had too much weight on my heels, I made sure to weight the toes a little bit and stood up 4 in a row. <BR> <BR>thanks

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