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07-06-2005 12:26 PM

this is my first real year of really wakeboarding and i have w2w 180's down both regular and switch and am thinking of trying a tantrum, only prob is that my wake is miniature and I can't get huge air. How high do i actually need to get to try inverts?

wakechic06 07-06-2005 1:18 PM

Im right where you are. I can get 180's down and ive tried a backroll, but not a tantrum but me and my neighbor just got a new boat and its helped us as far as getting a bigger wake. Im not sure exactly how much air you need, but ive seen some vidoes and they dont always have that big of air, they just like flip quick and pop right off the wake. If you can, it might help if you had some fat sacks in the back or extra weight or something. Were pretty close to landing a backroll and we dont get huge air. So good luck with that tantrum. <BR> <BR>Jamie

07-06-2005 11:34 PM

you need ZERO wake to do a tantrum or backroll... they call them air tricks. but in your case with a small wake, im sure you could pull a tantrum off. back in the day before twin tip boards came out they had no weight in the boat and put the rope on the low ski pylon and used ski rope. they were doing mobes, spins, and all that jazz. you can do it, just read up on some posts here and give it a shot.

tyboarder03 07-06-2005 11:49 PM

wow Cody thats a ton of help, thanks for the trick tips. <BR>~Tyler~

07-12-2005 6:41 PM

alright dude, u do need a wake. i dont know what that other guy was saying. i know how u feel, i have an old mastercraft that barely puts out enough wake. but i can land tantrums easy on it. the trick is, is that u dont really need too much height, u just need to go really fast, so u can get over the wake. a tantrum happens really fast anyway, so if u cut really hard towards the wake then you'll be fine.when i started doing them, my head was probably like 3 feet above the water. so, dont sweat it.

drakewake 07-13-2005 5:33 PM

Mark is right. You need to have a wake to try a tantrum for the first time. <BR>I have been landing tantrums and backrolls since '99 . This does not make me an expert. <BR>As you cut toward the wake hard, flatten out, and straighten your legs, the wake is what gives you your pop. All you need to do is throw your head back after you have left the wake. <BR>Last summer I got over confident riding behind a boat without weight and really hurt myself. <BR>Good Luck

lyle 07-14-2005 12:25 PM

Well fellas, I hate to disagree, but I just landed my first tantrum and I did it on a boat without a tower, ballast, or a huge wake(4 cyclinder I/O). Its just waiting till you get to the top of the wake. Later

john30 07-14-2005 9:14 PM

I just started landing tantrums and the way it was explained to me was to charge the wake with a hard but progressive edge and wait til the tip of your board hits the wake (regardless of size) then you let go with your trailing hand and let off your edge while squaring up to the wake and then let the wake trip you. Then it's just a matter of arching back and spotting your landing. It was easier for me to learn the tantrum than it was to learn a backroll. Hope this helps.

07-19-2005 4:49 PM

You can do a backroll with no wake...It is a load and release trick, you do flip with the load on the line. <BR> <BR>Tantrum on the other hand is a tripped trick. I have never seen anyone throw a tantrum with no wake (ok a few off of rollers) <BR> <BR>Main thing is ride up the wake a lot further than you think you should and then trip it.

kawaik 07-19-2005 4:55 PM

this helped me. it is on the waketrix video. cut out about 10 feet from the wake then cut back in and practice squaring off about mid wake. let go with your back hand and arch your back a little. this will help you to get the motion down and if you are doing it right you will feel the wake almost push you into the move. i had tried 3 tantrums without doing this. then i saw the vid and tried the little drill about three times my next time out. no kidding i stuck the next tantrum i tried. i hope i explained it well enough for you to understand. good luck.

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