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evil_e 07-05-2005 10:04 AM

So I surfed the biggest wakesurf wave I've ever seen this weekend...bigger than a Centurion Enzo with 2000 lbs in the corner, bigger than any Malibu, Nautique, or Mastercraft, bigger than anything my SSV could ever hope to put out. We surfed behind a Searay Sundancer 340, it's a little over 37 feet with the platform, has a 12 foot beam, and weighs over 18,000 lbs fully loaded. Once we got the speed dialed in and the boat turning slightly to the left in a very large circle, the wave was fricken massive! If I got all the way down into the trough, the wave behind me was higher than my shoulders, almost at eye level. It was so big and wide and long that I could go about 5 feet out to the side and then surf all the way back up the side of the wave, it was unbelievable. We got some video footage, it was taken from inside the boat, but I think you'd be able to get a better idea of just how big it actually was if we took the video from the platform. I'll post the video when I get a chance. If you happen to know anyone with this boat or something with similar dimensions, get them to let you surf behind it, you won't believe the wave...it's like it was designed for surfing!

tyboarder03 07-05-2005 10:59 AM

And you didnt even think to get a picture of this phenomenal wake. I'd love to see this thing. <BR>Sounds huge

4sher 07-05-2005 2:59 PM

Hey David, if you guys ever need a third for that boat, let me know. Sounds killer! I'll can bring a bunch of Inland Surfer boards. I live in Redmond too.

evil_e 07-05-2005 3:48 PM

Mark, if I get a chance to go out on it again and I can invite a guest, I'll let you know. It'd be nice to have some bigger boards out there for a wave this size, we just had my broadcast. I think we've actually pulled up next to eachother out on Sammamish a few times, I know Tim and I've pulled up next to you when he's been out on your boat...I've got an all white Supra SSV. Anyhow, you would really appreciate this wave, you could get some ridiculous pics for Inland Surfer's website! I'll work on getting the invite out there again...

hyperryd 07-06-2005 8:33 AM

"it's like it was designed for surfing!" - Except for the outdrive prop that will tear you to shreds if something goes wrong. <BR>

evil_e 07-06-2005 1:27 PM

Um, it's V-drive, not outdrive

4sher 07-06-2005 2:11 PM

David, I'm ready to go anytime. Also, if you can't invite someone else, you can borrow my 5'6" Blue Lake.

evil_e 07-06-2005 4:31 PM

Thanks Mark I appreciate it, it's a friend of a friend, but I'll do my best to get you the invite cause you really should see this wave in person.

tyboarder03 07-07-2005 12:41 AM

37 foot v-drive, damn!!!. I'd really love to see a pic of this thing, both wake, and out of the water, sounds crazy.

zboomer 07-07-2005 6:34 AM

I was unaware that Sea Ray made a V-drive. I thought they were pretty much all stern drive boats. <BR> <BR>But I see on their web site that indeed there are several V-drive options for the Sundancer 340. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.searay.com/online_brochure.asp?modelid=43717&amp;tab=2" target="_blank">http://www.searay.com/online_brochure.asp?modelid=43717&amp;tab=2</a> <BR> <BR>Wow man, surfing heaven. Can't imagine what that cost decked out!

hyperryd 07-07-2005 7:24 AM

My bad. I've never heard of a large Sea Ray V-Drive. I have only known them to have outdrives.

denverd1 07-07-2005 2:18 PM

pics pls?

tyboarder03 07-07-2005 8:01 PM

that link has pics, but i'd like to see some pics of the wake in action with someone in this shoulder high monster

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